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LG is part of plant breeder Limagrain, a farmer owned co-operative dedicated to developing and marketing new varieties of arable, forage & amenity seeds for farmers and growers. Our varieties and mixtures are available widely from seed merchants operating throughout the UK and Europe.




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  • Use OSR genetics to reduce risk and protect yield

    15-May-2017 by: Niamh Tye, Vasilis Gegas, Les Daubney Limagrain UK

    Choosing varieties with the genetic traits or agronomic characteristics suitable for your farm can reduce risk, protect yields and give more consistent results, is the message from leading plant breeders Limagrain UK.

  • BTS 3325 is a newly recommended variety for the 2018 season that offers growers the opportunity to grow a high yielding sugar beet variety with low bolting figures – offering flexibility in sowing for both the early and later drilling slots.

    Choosing a new sugar beet variety is no longer just about output, agronomic characteristics such as bolting tolerance and disease resistance are becoming increasingly important characteristics to consider, which is why the recommended list now requires varieties to perform well in these categories over three years of field trials, “says Bram van der Have, sugar beet consultant for Limagrain.

  • On many arable farms today, alongside a need to choose arable crops that will deliver on farm in terms of both yield and quality, rotational and political pressures as well as sporting considerations have driven an increase in a whole range of forage, soil improvement, environmental and game cover crops.

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