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Machinery at Cereals


Outside of the programmed live demonstrations in The Working Demonstrations Area and Syngenta's Sprays and Sprayers Arena, exhibitors are on hand all day to discuss and further demonstrate their machinery.

Whether you're looking for a new tractor, combine, drill or cultivation equipment, there's kit on display to suit all applications and budgets.

Tankers and trailers are also showcased at Cereals - for getting that crop off the field as quickly as possible.

For those looking for help with Precision Farming or Controlled Traffic Farming there is help at hand with new machines, GPS guidance systems and advice on how to maximise your yields while controlling your costs. 

Drones will be back in action at Cereals 2017 with the return of the Drone Zone. It's an ideal opportunity to discover how drones work and the benefits they can have to your business. 

Latest information, equipment, science and technology was also available within the post-harvest technology section of Cereals 2016.  Find out more by clicking here.

Below are the latest press releases for machinery:

  • Berthoud’s new VANTAGE is a high spec, trailed sprayer that stands out from the crowd and has won the prestigious ‘Sprayer of the Year’ award at SIMA, Paris.

    The VANTAGE has all the fundamentals of the brand: ACTIFLEX II axle suspension, DUALMATIC operation and its motorized version DUALELEC, as well as the BERTHOUD boom range.  It provides an answer to customers looking for a "made-to-measure" spraying solution adapted to their farm and their crops.  

  • Peter Bristow Farmer, Engineer, Designer and Inventor has developed this New Concept Rape Drill (patent applied for) to improve the problems we as farmers encounter also to improve our cost savings and yields when trying to establish our rape crops.

  • Knight Farm Machinery’s new Xplorer range offers potential customers a good specification entry level trailer sprayer, designed and equipped with the medium scale arable farmer in mind.

    The machines will be available with either 3,000 or 4,000 litre spray tanks, with 12 to 28 metre self-levelling hydraulic booms.

  • The trend latterly when it comes to drill combinations has been very much in favour of pneumatic metering systems. Larger hopper capacities and the introduction of electrically-driven metering systems with push-button calibration and automatic GPS-based headland shut-off systems have been the main driving factors.

    However, the simplicity of a conventional seed drill with its lack of fan and improved rearward visibility still holds some appeal to many end-users.

    The new 3 metre working width Cataya conventional drill combination goes a long way to bridging the gap between the two systems with its new 1270 litre seed
    hopper, Precis electric half-side GPS-controlled metering system, SmartCenter work station with handwash facilities and the new TwinTeC double disc coulter.

  • A new He-Va Combi-Lift Pre-Cultivator that allows soil loosening at the same time as drilling or cultivating will be launched at this year’s Cereals Event.

    Designed to subsoil up to 350mm deep, alleviating compaction and improving drainage, the Combi-Lift fits directly on the tractor linkage, incorporating a heavy-duty rear linkage that can pull another implement behind.


    07-Apr-2017 by: Alan Lindsay, Managing Director, Nordic Tyres Nordic Tyres (UK)



    The Nokian CT tyre is the third generation of revolutionary radial flotation tyres produced by the specialist Finnish tyre manufacturer Nokian Tyres.  In 1998 Nokian manufactured the first agriculture RADIAL flotation tyres called the ELS which were an adaptation of Nokian’s cross-ply forestry tyres.

    In 2005 Nokian developed the second generation of flotation tyres, the Country King, with two steel belts in the construction allowing a higher pressure and load capacity than the original ELS.  The Country King set the standard in flotation tyres for modern agriculture and a number of manufacturers have since copied the pattern and construction.

    Nokian are now the first manufacturer to introduce three steel belts  in the CT tyres construction allowing higher pressure and load capacity.  The construction has been enhanced to create a tougher carcass and 20% more tread depth than the Country King.  All these innovations add up to a tyre that is robust, hardwearing and very resistant to punctures.

    That is why the CT tyre is the toughest flotation tyre in the field and will outperform all other flotation tyres in rate of wear and puncture resistance.  Nokian have set the new standard in flotation tyres and it will be a challenge for all other flotation tyre manufacturers to catch up – or copy Nokian’s innovation

  • Large Grain Store Building, Near Cheltenham.


    03-Apr-2017 by: Sean Stanfield TRP Imports

    ANATIS assists the farmers, vegetable farmers in their daily work by independently carrying out the following tasks :


  • TeeJet Technologies Launches DynaJet® Flex 7140 Nozzle Control System Several new features have been added to the DynaJet Flex nozzle control system.  New, higher frequency, 20-Hz solenoid operation e ...
  • New TTI TwinJet  (TTI60) Spray Tip from TeeJet Technologies Offers Unmatched Drift Control The new TTI60 tip series is now available from TeeJet Technologies. The TTI60 builds on the industry-leading ...
  • A manoeuvrable and efficient tanker with lowered centre of gravity
    JOSKIN's honours list in the transport category is enriched with this award for the Volumetra slurry tanker. 30 international agricultural machinery specialized journalists rewarded the manufacturer's efforts to fa-cilitate the farmer's daily work. 

    This new solution is the result of developments based on the experience of our users for several years. The Volumetra gathers, on the same machine, many new possibilities, which make it a unique vehicle, able to adapt better to the requirements of modern agriculture. 
    This tank with a capacity of up to 26.000 l rests on a self-supporting structure with innovative specifica-tions. 

  • The new Nilfisk MH Series of hot water high pressure washers offer higher performance, improved mobility and ease-of-use

    The introduction of the Nilfisk MH Series takes hot water high pressure washers to a new level, with an extensive range of variants covering medium to heavy duty applications meeting the latest productivity demands in the market.

  • Cereals Challenge goes virtual

    25-Mar-2017 by: Niamh Tye Hutchinsons

    For the first time in its eight-year history, this year’s Cereals Challenge has gone virtual - eight teams from Universities and Colleges from across England will compete to grow the best virtual crop of spring barley.

  • Fully automatic crop cooling, wireless monitoring from anywhere in the world and the ability to cut down energy bills by up to 40%, puts Barn Owl Wireless at the top of every farmer’s wish list. Designed with precision and efficiency in mind, Barn Owl Wireless can significantly reduce the time taken to cool grain and reduce the energy cost of store management, whilst ensuring that stored crops remain in optimum condition. Installed in flat floor stores, drying floors, silo or bin complexes, the system has also been installed in potato stores and been used in compost production and woodchip storage.

  • Weighing solutions

    01-Mar-2017 by: Griffith Elder Griffith Elder & Co

    New Demonstration area for Griffith Elder products

  • Drone AG, a drone-assisted precision agriculture firm, announce a new partnership with South African data analytics company Aerobotics, to provide weather-proof agricultural drone systems and a unique support service, alongside powerful cloud-based farm management software.

    On 1st March 2017, Drone AG launched a new enterprise-level drone sales and software programme for UK agronomists and agribusinesses. A recently developed quad-copter, named ‘Storm Agri Pro’, will be the focus of sales, being rain-proof, wind resilient, robust and carrying the latest sensors for agricultural remote sensing activities. To compliment the new hardware, data processing will be handled by software partner, Aerobotics, through their cloud-based platform, AeroView. 

  • EASY!Force and Easy!Lock are new patent-packed concepts that can be retrofitted to any Kärcher pressure washer up to 300 bar and will be supplied as standard on new machines going forward.

  • John Deere’s new record-breaking 8400R tractor makes its first appearance at the Cereals Event in 2017.

    The new 400hp 8400R tractor recently set three new world records for fuel efficiency (field and transport) and maximum drawbar performance at the DLG test station in Germany. It beat its nearest competitors by almost 23 per cent in drawbar performance and lowered the combined fluid consumption figure for field work to only 247g/kWh.

  • A precision agriculture goes along with modern tools, adapted to the most common uses but also, more and more, with a limited costs directed development and the respect of environment.
    While reducing spacing of the injectors to 37,5 cm (previously 40 cm), this results a more homogeneous slurry spreading  without increasing the spread quantities.

  • new hydraulic extensions on Drakkar

    22-Feb-2017 by: Gordon Hardy Joskin SA

    The Drakkar range is highly successful also thanks to the development of the 150 cm high bodies.  These models have been designed to reduce the loading height (for potatoes, vegetables, manure, etc.). It means that the standard volume is of course reduced.


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