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Drills and Cultivation


ProforgePROFORGE is a worldwide brand based in the UK and owned by Agri-Linc, who will be demonstrating key machines as well as launching new ones to the range. The machines are tested to evaluate and tune performance as well as utilising feedback and suggestions from many farmers already using the equipment. There will also be the opportunity to enter a prize draw to win the use of a PROFORGE Inverta for 12 months


CatrosCatayaAmazone have extended its Catros compact disc harrow range with the introduction of six new models, and among these, the Catros Special. The introduction of the smaller 2.5, 3.0 and 4.0m rigid Catros Special compact disc harrows benefits growers with uniform contour following for shallow, even, depth control.

Amazone will also be launching the new Cataya conventional drill combination. The new 3 metre working width drill with its new 1270 litre seed hopper that sports an extremely favourable centre of gravity to keep the tractor lift capacity requirement at a minimum. Filling is quick and easy with the wide hopper opening and a lid profile that is designed to prevent spills.


rapeseed drillBristow’s new angled disc rapeseed drill is set to change how rape seeds are sown – creating cost and time savings. The single pass drill features split level subsoil 410mm discs at the front, a multi-tooth tiller roll, with angled discs and coulters which help retain lifted soil – ensuring the seed is covered. As well as this, a precision scraped flat roll with extreme spring pressures provides great depth control – sealing in all available moisture at point of drilling; improving seed to plant percentage and promoting early vigour.


ClaydonThe new Claydon Hybrid T3 offers the ultimate in flexibility to tackle any crop establishment situation. A kit is also available to those who already own a 3m Hybrid M3 mounted drill to convert it to the new trailed specification, which will further increase its versatility.

Based on the pioneering Claydon System of crop establishment which the company has perfected over the last 15 years, the T3 extends the company’s range of Hybrid trailed drills to five models, the 3m T3, 4m T4, 4.8m T4.8, 6m T6 and 8m T8. Like all other Claydon Hybrid drills, the T3 can be used to deliver seed only or a combination of seed and fertiliser, this method being increasingly popular with farmers and agricultural contractors

Dale Drills

Dale Drills Eco-M has seen significant interest since it’s launch at Cereals 2015. The mid-sized offering from Dale Drills is available in sizes from 3 – 6m and utilises a more orthodox layout than their larger machines. The M series mounts the companies Eco drilling assemblies to a trailed chassis in three rows. Land wheels are positioned between the 1st and second row whilst the seed hopper is mounted towards the front of the drill to ensure an even distribution of weight. 

Halse South

HalseThe versatill from Ovlac is designed as a 3 in 1 Cultivator, suitable for stubble incorporation as well as for pan eradication. In addition as also produced excellent results on ploughed ground. This entry level Versatill is available as 2.4m then moving up 3m 3.5m as rigid machines. Also available in folding models 4m,4.5m and 5m with horse power requirements from 160-250.

The Versatill performs three tasks in one pass. Three rows of solid shanks (87cm under beam cleaence-78cm between rows) make it possible to handle at ease large amounts of stubble under virtually all conditions. The high twisted guide board (RH and LH) perfectly mix and incorporate all trash.


He-vaA new He-Va Combi-Lift Pre-Cultivator that allows soil loosening at the same time as drilling or cultivating will be launched at this year’s Cereals Event.

Designed to subsoil up to 350mm deep, alleviating compaction and improving drainage, the Combi-Lift fits directly on the tractor linkage, incorporating a heavy-duty rear linkage that can pull another implement behind.


The Triton sp uses a unique side press feature to set seed securely in all conditions. A rear tine runs through the seeded rows closing the soil securely around the seed. The Triton sp allows heavy land to be drilled late in the autumn after grass weeds have been destroyed. 

Also being showcased:

  • J Brock & Sons – additional offerings from the Brock Bourgault Range and the Fantom range of heavy duty springtines
  • Kuhn Farm Machinery – Prolander
  • Trials Equipment – Sampo 2010 Plot Combine on Rubber Tracks
  • Mzuri – new precision metering feature on the Pro-Til drill

Slurry Equipment


The Exacta TLX GEOspread spreader is the latest product from Kverneland making its debut at Cereals. The spreader has a newly designed CentreFlow system with 8 capacity vanes on each disc for a perfect overlap – regardless of speed.

With 2 metre sections, 4 load cells and a reference sensor, it can do high speed spreading, under all circumstances. It is ISOBUS compatible and AEF certified and can be operated in combination with the Kverneland IsoMatch Tellus, IsoMatch Tellus GO or any other ISOBUS compatible tractor terminal.


Joskin will be debuting its Volumetra slurry tanker – recent winner of the ‘Machine of the Year 2017’ award. Despite a tank capacity of up to 26,000 litres, Volumetra is a compact tanker with a self-supporting structure, designed to minimise its total weight. It is designed specifically for volumetric pumps so it can be efficiently fitted with both spiral and lobe pumps, while limiting the overall dimensions; however, a vacuum pump can also be installed.

Joskin will also be presenting two new slurry injectors that are set to aid precision application. Solodisc XXL has a spacing of 18.75cm, allowing users to improve the distribution of slurry and adjust the injection depth. To keep the weight of the machine the same, while increasing the number of discs, Solodisc XXL features discs made of metal and NBR nitrile rubber, making them twice as light as previous models.

Sprayers and Sprayer Nozzles


The VANTAGE has all the fundamentals of the brand: ACTIFLEX II axle suspension, DUALMATIC operation and its motorized version DUALELEC, as well as the BERTHOUD boom range.  It provides an answer to customers looking for a "made-to-measure" spraying solution adapted to their farm and their crops. 

Recently winning the prestigious ‘Sprayer of the Year’ award at SIMA, Paris, it also provides access to ISOBUS technology either with the BERTHOUD VT TRONIC touch screen or ISOTRONIC directly on the virtual screen of the tractor. 

The VANTAGE inherits the strong personality of the BERTHOUD Tenor range of trailed sprayers which it replaces. With its low centre of gravity and dynamic tank design, it keeps the compact proportions that mean good handling and stability both on the road and in the field...all of this while limiting residual volumes.


Also on show will be Berthoud’s new generation of tractor-mounted sprayers, ‘HERMES’ which features a stylishly modern and compact design, reducing ‘overhang’ by up to 30 cm from models it replaces. Its close coupling optimised weight and centre of gravity, improving weight distribution on the tractor, thereby ensuring better balance. This is allows the HERMES to be used on smaller tractors, a compact sprayer with rear-folding booms. 

The new HERMES is available with a choice of 3 tank sizes: 800, 1000 and 1200 litres and a new range of ALSR rear-folding booms of 15, 16 or 18 metres. This new boom with 3 steel arms benefits from BERTHOUD's wealth of experience. Suspension on AXIALE central pivot system gives this boom excellent stability and good performance on slopes, turns and headlands.  Robust and compact due to its "L" structure, it complies with the regulatory road width of 2.55 m.

Househam Sprayers

The Predator 5000, this is the next generation of self-propelled crop sprayer produced by Lincolnshire manufacturer Househam Sprayers. This machine is offered at a high specification from factory. Including Individual nozzle control.

The Predator is powered by a Mercedes-MTU 230hp Tier-4 engine to adhere to emission legislation.

The cabin is Househam's own featuring category 4 filtration & is fully roll over protection tested and approved.

Knight Farm Machinery

Knight Farm Machinery’s new Xplorer range offers potential customers a good specification entry level trailer sprayer, designed and equipped with the medium scale arable farmer in mind. The machines will be available with either 3,000 or 4,000 litre spray tanks, with 12 to 28 metre self-levelling hydraulic booms.

Spray tanks are made of moulded polyethelene and equipped with a remote drain, a 300 or 400 litre clean water rinse tank complete with a rota flush tank rinse nozzle, and a 40 litre chemical induction hopper fitted with Arag ergonomic control valves.

Teejet Technologies

7140 nozzleTeeJet Technologies will be launches DynaJet® Flex 7140 Nozzle Control System. Several new features have been added including new, higher frequency, 20-Hz solenoid operation ensures thorough spray coverage across a wide range of operating conditions, double the frequency of the previous generation system. Additionally, dual nozzle, high-flow capability significantly expands the overall ground speed and application rate range of the system. New, on-screen diagnostics capability allows for quick, in-cab assessment of solenoid health and operating status.

DynaJet Flex is also compatible with air induction tip technology. Specifically, the TeeJet AITTJ60 Air Induction TwinJet® has proven to provide excellent spray distribution quality when used with DynaJet. This tip expands the range of available droplet sizes, including Extremely Coarse and Ultra Coarse, for maximum drift control.

TT160Also on display will be the new TTI TwinJet  (TTI60) Spray Tip offering unmatched Drift Control.The TTI60 builds on the industry-leading drift control of the original TTI spray tip series with the addition of twin spray patterns and a combined tip-cap design.  The TTI60 produces primarily Ultra Coarse and Extremely Coarse droplets across a wide pressure range with less than 1.5%* driftable fines, which results in extremely good drift control.  The twin spay patterns provide enhanced coverage and penetration for improved control, particularly at lower carrier volumes or when dealing with a denser crop canopy.  The tip-cap design allows for quicker installation in the field and can be disassembled for cleaning.

Also being showcased will be:

  • Kelland’s Agriculture: launching our new S4000ltr 36mtr sprayer
  • Tecnoma: OSS+: a multi nozzles system. Nozzles automaticaly switch according to the forward speed and flowrate. To go further, OSS+ allows to regulate the flow section by section in curves or application map

Tractors and Trailers

Louth Tractors

Louth TractorsLouth Tractors will be exclusively showcasing the latest Case IH machinery and technology at this year’s Cereals as the global brand marks its 175th anniversary.

The dealership will be exhibiting some of the cutting-edge agricultural products released by Case-IH during the last 12 months, including the Optum 300 CVX and the AFS AccuTurn automated headland turning system.

Visitors will be able to see a Quadtrac up close or sit in the cab of a Luxxum at stand 604; the only place to find Case IH products at this year’s show.

John Deere

Leading the way is John Deere’s new 400HP 8400R tractor, which has broken three world records for fuel efficiency and drawbar performance. Set to make its first appearance at Cereals, it promises a 2% reduction in fuel consumption compared to the previous top of the range 8370R model. In addition to this, it boasts maximum drawbar performance – beating its nearest competitors by 23% - enabling wider implements to be used to increase productivity.


the JOSKIN DRAKKAR is a multi-purpose trailer allowing to transport many different types of material (silage, grains, pulp, beets, potatoes, etc.) for a high volume (from 23 to 58 m³).  

JOSKIN has developed new 80 cm high hydraulic extensions on the 4 sides. When loading low density material (for example : silage), thanks to these extensions, both the volume and the versatility of the machine are increased. When lowered, they make the loading operations easier with a loader and reduce the fall height of potatoes for example.        




Bridgestone will also have its latest tyre innovation on display. The VT-COMBINE tyre for combine harvesters is designed specifically for cyclic field operations and offers a 20% higher load capacity compared to standard tyres – despite lower inflation pressure - while ensuring maximum soil protection.

Nordic Tyres


Showcasing its new, third-generation Nokian CT tyre, Nokian is the first manufacturer to introduce three steel belts in CT tyre construction - allowing higher pressure and capacity load. With 20% more tread depth than the second generation tyre; Country King, and a tougher carcass, Nokian has created a tyre that is hardwearing, robust and very resistant to punctures.

Also being showcased will be:

  • WM Agri: Trak Jak; a safer and more efficient way to change tractor wheels.


Drone Ag

Drone AgDrone AG launched a new enterprise-level drone sales and software programme for UK agronomists and agribusinesses. A recently developed quad-copter, named ‘Storm Agri Pro’, will be the focus of sales, being rain-proof, wind resilient, robust and carrying the latest sensors for agricultural remote sensing activities. To compliment the new hardware, data processing will be handled by software partner, Aerobotics, through their cloud-based platform, AeroView.

The new drone systems are built in the UK by Drone AG’s parent company, and DJI Enterprise Partner; The Drone Aerial Operators Group. They use high-end DJI components and can cover large areas quickly, even in adverse weather conditions. They feature dual batteries for up to 30-minute flight time, as well as dual compass and redundant flight control, meaning that if any of the three on-board flight controllers were to fail, the system would remain flyable. There are also numerous sensor options, including Parrot’s Sequoia multi-spectral sensor, developed specifically for calibrated analysis of crop health and cropping defects.


LH Agro

LH AgroThe 12.1 inch X35 console uses Topcon’s latest Horizon software to provide icon-based and user-definable views for a variety of farming operations. Topcon’s Horizon XTEND™ option, readily available through iOS and Android app stores, allows users to extend any X35 application window and operate on their phone or tablet, increasing operational visibility and control. Support for up to six cameras allows the operator to monitor multiple views through the X35 or via XTEND on a phone or tablet device ensuring machines are functioning correctly.

Vistors are invited to visit the LH Agro stand for a free appraisal of how a Topcon RTK-enabled autosteer system could benefit their farm business by reducing over and under-lapping and guaranteeing optimal use of every input.

Griffith Elder & Co

Griffith Elder & Co will be showing a wide range of their Farm weighing equipment from multi axle and portable weighbridges to ‘on board’ weighing and control of manure spreaders. New for this year will be a dedicated demonstration area adjacent to the Griffith Elder stand. This will provide visitors with the opportunity to have a working demonstration of the new generation of Portable Weigh – Beams complete with automatic weighing functionality and fob systems. Built with heavy farm use in mind, the whole system is welded steel to withstand the rough and tumble of farm use.


McConnellMcConnel will officially launch its new 75 Series Power Arms at Cereals 2017. Available in five reach sizes from 5.6m to 8.0m reach and powered by high-performance 70hp hydraulic system, this new heavy-duty Power Arm series has been designed for professional contractors and  features a radical new look and feature set.

Among the key new features of the machine is an innovative high-efficiency oil tank and cooling system which deliver an outstanding de-aeration performance; produce a very low overall flow velocity; and eliminate areas in the tank where resting oil can concentrate.

Designed to improve efficiency, performance and durability, this new system ensures consistent cooling in all weather conditions and reduces heat build-up. There are four different armsets including: Standard, Telescopic, Variable Forward Reach, and Telescopic Variable Forward Reach.

The new Tele-VFR armset is the most advanced in the industry enabling operators to position the flailhead alongside the cab for enhanced visibility, while offering extra reach on demand for greater manoeuvrability.

TRP Imports

AnatisTRP Imports will be launching the ANATIS. An autonomous machine that mechanically weeds and gathers information on weed populations, crop and soil health.

Scheduled to be commercially available in 2018, the Anatis robot is an environmentally-friendly agricultural robot which will assist farmers and growers in their daily tasks. Anatis can independently maintain crops through hoeing and can produce plot reports based on crop data to help farms plan workload efficiently. It will be taking part in a working demonstration in the Fields of the Future feature.


Kärcher have redefined pressure washer cleaning with new trigger gun. When the trigger is operated, the recoil of the water jet automatically presses the trigger into the hand for effortless use. The reduced force prevents hand and finger strain and in turn muscle cramps; ideal for both those operating machines frequently and inexperienced users.

Further advances include the redesign of both interfaces from the trigger gun to the lance and high-pressure hose. A quadruple trapezoidal thread, "EASY!Lock", allows a tight and reliable connection with a single turn.


The Nilfisk MH Series of hot water high pressure washers with higher performance, improved mobility and ease-of-use. The new high pressure washers are ideal for companies within automotive, industry, trade, agriculture, building and construction. Daily cleaning tasks will benefit from the highly improved mobility of the Nilfisk MH Series.

The machines are ideal for any tasks from 2-4 hours of general cleaning using both hot and cold water to extra tough cleaning applications that require more than 6 hours of use per day.

Also being showcased will be:

  • BDC Systems: 'BDC/Skandia trench intake hoppers, to suit all Skandia intake conveyors
  • Capital Seating & Vision: KAB New Generation Suspension Seats; a new range of seats from KAB Seating, suitable for all agricultural machinery


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