Cereals: The Arable Event

  • PRIZE DRAW! Win A FREE AM5800! Visit us at stand 1031 for a chance to be entered!

    The New & Updated Perten AM5800 is a portable, on-farm moisture meter designed to be more accurate and reliable that competitors

  • As part of the BASIS Knowledge Trail, Ilex (Stand 482) is offering a Crop Nutrition Quiz focusing on stronger root systems and their role in improving crop establishment and nutrient uptake and taking you through the problems associated with Manganese and Magnesium deficiencies and options for prevention. 

  • Thomas Bell are the UK’s largest independent fertiliser importer and the opening of the new blending plant will now allow Thomas Bell to create bespoke fertiliser blends and increase their range of products it can offer to the market place.

    The state of the art plant, which opened in February this year includes the latest precision measurement technology alongside a multi hopper conveyer system; this ensures that each bag produced contains the exact analysis required for the specific blend. 

  • McConnel will officially launch its new 75 Series Power Arms at Cereals 2017.

    Available in five reach sizes from 5.6m to 8.0m reach and powered by high-performance 70hp hydraulic system, this new heavy-duty Power Arm series has been designed for professional contractors and  features a radical new look and feature set.

  • Peter Bristow Farmer, Engineer, Designer and Inventor has developed this New Concept Rape Drill (patent applied for) to improve the problems we as farmers encounter also to improve our cost savings and yields when trying to establish our rape crops.

  • Eco-M Chassis Developments

    Dale Drills Eco-M has seen significant interest since it’s launch at Cereals 2015. The mid-sized offering from Dale Drills is available in sizes from 3 – 6m and utilises a more orthodox layout than their larger machines. The M series mounts the companies Eco drilling assemblies to a trailed chassis in three rows. Land wheels are positioned between the 1st and second row whilst the seed hopper is mounted towards the front of the drill to ensure an even distribution of weight. 

  • Berthoud’s new VANTAGE is a high spec, trailed sprayer that stands out from the crowd and has won the prestigious ‘Sprayer of the Year’ award at SIMA, Paris.

    The VANTAGE has all the fundamentals of the brand: ACTIFLEX II axle suspension, DUALMATIC operation and its motorized version DUALELEC, as well as the BERTHOUD boom range.  It provides an answer to customers looking for a "made-to-measure" spraying solution adapted to their farm and their crops.  

  • Anderson Group’s 2017 specification Stack-Pro bale accumulator trailer can now collect bales up to 51 inches square, and place them in a neat stack for storage or further movement.

  • Knight Farm Machinery’s new Xplorer range offers potential customers a good specification entry level trailer sprayer, designed and equipped with the medium scale arable farmer in mind.

    The machines will be available with either 3,000 or 4,000 litre spray tanks, with 12 to 28 metre self-levelling hydraulic booms.

  • The QuadraTouch ProTM control system is featured on all Sukup Europe Dryers and is designed to be easy to use while eliminating around the clock monitoring thus increasing productivity and efficiency.

  • The trend latterly when it comes to drill combinations has been very much in favour of pneumatic metering systems. Larger hopper capacities and the introduction of electrically-driven metering systems with push-button calibration and automatic GPS-based headland shut-off systems have been the main driving factors.

    However, the simplicity of a conventional seed drill with its lack of fan and improved rearward visibility still holds some appeal to many end-users.

    The new 3 metre working width Cataya conventional drill combination goes a long way to bridging the gap between the two systems with its new 1270 litre seed
    hopper, Precis electric half-side GPS-controlled metering system, SmartCenter work station with handwash facilities and the new TwinTeC double disc coulter.

  • Cheshire-based construction company, Graham Heath Construction has confirmed its attendance at the arable industry’s leading technical event on 15th & 16th June, which will be held at Boothby Graffoe, Lincolnshire.

  • Tighter margins and price fluctuations mean crop profitability is more important than ever. Cereals is a hot spot for the latest crop innovations and this year’s event has a multitude of new variety launches in store for visitors.

    Whether growers are looking to boost returns by including specialist crops, or wanting to learn about the latest additions to the Recommended List, Cereals (14-15 June) has it all. A wide range of seed producers will display a range of crops and varieties including winter and spring wheats, oilseed rape, triticale, peas, sugar beet and potatoes.

    Here’s a look at just some of what visitors can expect at this year’s event.

  • According to John Pelham, Anderson’s business consultant, the ability of farm businesses to identify and address loss making areas is key to improving resilience against future threats, such as Brexit. Visitors to the Hutchinsons stand (926) at this year’s Cereals Event will have the opportunity to see how the company’s Omnia Precision software enables this approach, with the launch of two innovative new features, yield performance mapping and cost of production mapping.

  • What cereal and OSR variety options should you be considering for planting in autumn 2017, especially as so many new ones having found their way onto the AHDB recommended list? David Bouch – Hutchinsons Seed Manager – considers some of the varieties that stand out and could be worth trying.  David has chosen a range of options according to the output types that you might find most suitable to grow according to your farm location, soil type and climate.

  • ‘Blackgrass audit’ at Cereals

    20-Apr-2017 by: Certis UK Certis

    The Cereals event, in June, provides a fantastic opportunity for farmers to speak to experts about undertaking a blackgrass review, ensuring that plans are firmly in place to hit the ground running in autumn.

  • The whole country is aware of Brexit, but there is precious little knowledge as to what it actually means for farm businesses. However, with Article 50 officially triggered, 2020 looming and Teresa May’s recent call for an election adding another level of uncertainty, ensuring farm businesses are as resilient and Brexit-proof as possible has never been so important - and this year’s Cereals Event will show you how.

    From concerns over trade deals to questions over available chemical treatments, there’s no doubt that Brexit will have a huge impact. While the future is uncertain, what is guaranteed is that there is a unique opportunity ahead. Knowing the best way to manage change – while being prepared for both the best and worst case scenarios - can be difficult. Helping farmers get to the core of the issue, this year’s Cereals Event (14-15 June) is introducing a ‘Brexit-proof your Business’ Knowledge Trail, flagging up the most relevant exhibitors and seminars to visit.

  • A new He-Va Combi-Lift Pre-Cultivator that allows soil loosening at the same time as drilling or cultivating will be launched at this year’s Cereals Event.

    Designed to subsoil up to 350mm deep, alleviating compaction and improving drainage, the Combi-Lift fits directly on the tractor linkage, incorporating a heavy-duty rear linkage that can pull another implement behind.

  • OMEX Agriculture has launched a novel crop health promoter in a foliar formulation based on copper and zinc called Zynergy, which complements the fungicidal and bactericidal activity of agrochemicals when used as part of an integrated crop management programme.

    The OMEX research and development team assisted by university researchers and independent trials organisations have identified the Zynergy formulation as an effective and synergistic additive to crop protection programmes particularly against rust, potato blight and downy mildew in a wide range of crops.

  • With approaching 50% of the UK’s arable acres under the advice of an independent crop consultant, it is clear that independent agronomy is stronger than ever. However access to extensive independent trials results and innovative technology that have no commercial bias, is key to being at the forefront of delivering this technical excellence.  This is what the Association of Independent Crop Consultants (AICC) and its member agronomists stand for.


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