Cereals: The Arable Event

ABACO launching SITI4farmer at CEREALS 2017

06-Jun-2017 by: ABACO group Press Office Abaco Group UK

ABACO launching SITI4farmer at CEREALS 2017

ABACO will take part in one of the biggest and most important events in European agriculture: Cereals 2017.

The event covers the entire arable industry, agricultural technology and renewable energy.

ABACO will take advantage of this event to showcase its latest product to be launched on the UK market: SITI4farmer.

SITI4farmer is a network for the entire agricultural chain, an innovative tool for all vendors to help automate decisions in precision farming, get real-time insight into daily progress of crops and farming activities, consistently increase crop yields, cut waste and reduce fertilizers costs, as well as early detection of crop diseases and risk forecast.

Register on our website www.siti4farmer.co.uk for a free trial – coming soon!



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