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‘Blackgrass audit’ at Cereals

20-Apr-2017 by: Certis UK Certis

The Cereals event, in June, provides a fantastic opportunity for farmers to speak to experts about undertaking a blackgrass review, ensuring that plans are firmly in place to hit the ground running in autumn.

This year at Cereals, the Blackgrass Knowledge Trail will offer visitors easy access to the advice and information they require, explains Adrian Sisson, Certis technical manager.

“The timing of the Cereals event in June is perfect to conduct a ‘blackgrass audit’ and assess your approach ahead of the autumn. It’s a great opportunity for farmers to speak to experts about the latest developments in blackgrass control, and results from industry trial work to help growers stay one step ahead.

“There is no single solution to blackgrass, and control should always be based on an integrated approach that includes rotation, drilling date, cultivation and an appropriate herbicide strategy.

“June is an ideal time to discuss taking blackgrass samples to understand the resistance status on your farm. It’s also an opportunity to think about mapping your fields to determine problem areas that might benefit from spraying off to reduce seed return.

“Ultimately, every farmer’s aim will be to minimise seed return and relieve on-farm pressure from this extremely tenacious weed.” 

Paul Fogg, Frontier’s crop production technical lead explains that this season has been significant, in terms of the performance of pre-em control strategies.

“In the autumn, conditions were on average good, and well-timed pre-em herbicide treatments generally gave good blackgrass control compared to previous years.

“Cultural controls still played a vital part in successful strategies. With high dormancy, the season and conditions really suited delayed drilling. Some crops were drilled very late, but excellent moisture levels and cooler soils meant residual herbicides worked well, exerting the level of control needed to tackle blackgrass before it got away.

“Farmers were generally happy with the level of blackgrass control achieved.

“Flufenacet remains the core component of blackgrass herbicide programmes. It’s the basis of most stacks and, with a straight product like System 50 (or Sunfire), growers can use its flexibility to suit any approach,” he adds.

“Ahead of next season, it’s really important to review how well autumn programmes have performed. By analysing trial results now, we can make an informed decision about the right strategy for the farm to plan ahead with,” says Dr Fogg.

Visit the Certis stand 405 at Cereals on 14 and 15 June where there are BASIS and NRoSO points available.



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