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Businesses can reduce heating bills with a biomass boiler - for free!

10-May-2017 by: Lynne White Noble Green Energy

The recent price hikes by the energy giants has hit a lot of businesses hard. The bad news is that there is talk of them increasing again. Generating your own energy through renewable solutions such as biomass reduces your energy bills and guards against further rising costs.

Biomass boilers are fuelled by wood chips or pellets which are a sustainable, net zero carbon resource. Unlike fossil fuels, wood prices have remained stable which is helping businesses that have swtiched to biomass budget a longer term for their energy costs.

The cost of investing in biomass can be a little daunting but the reneweable energy specialists have a plan in place for a free, fully installed boiler. The only cost to you is a new, reduced rate for your energy!

The plan also eliminates the management of boiler maintenance - this is taken care of in the package. The only 'maintenance' that needs to be carried out is a check on the feedstock levels and to remove waste ash collected at the end of the process.

Those with the capital to invest in biomass can expect to see an annual return of around 30% alongside a payback of between 2-4 years. This in part is due to the financial support available from the government funded Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). The RHI payment is made on each unit of energy generated by biomass, index linked for 20 years.

Eddie Chadfield, general manager, Noble Green Energy said, "Businesses that have opted for biomass for their heating requirements have never looked back. Although initially more expensive to install than fossil fuel boilers,the systems soon pay for themselves and deliver great savings on energy bills. The abundance of biomass as a fuel also removes the worry of any future energy shortages too."          

"Opting for our free boiler plan reduces any hassle associated with managing servicing and maintenance. This allowsa business to reduce their energybills hassle free and with no cash outlay".

For more information about biomass and the free boiler plan, please visit the team on stand 229, call 01283 736 637, email getintouch@noblegreenenergy.co.uk or visit www.noblegreenenrgy.co.uk




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