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TeeJet Technologies introducing DynaJet 7140 - The electronic nozzle solution that does it all

28-Mar-2017 TeeJet Technologies

TeeJet Technologies Launches DynaJet® Flex 7140 Nozzle Control System

Several new features have been added to the DynaJet Flex nozzle control system.  New, higher frequency, 20-Hz solenoid operation ensures thorough spray coverage across a wide range of operating conditions, double the frequency of the previous generation system. Additionally, dual nozzle, high-flow capability significantly expands the overall ground speed and application rate range of the system. New, on-screen diagnostics capability allows for quick, in-cab assessment of solenoid health and operating status.

DynaJet Flex is also compatible with air induction tip technology. Specifically, the TeeJet AITTJ60 Air Induction TwinJet® has proven to provide excellent spray distribution quality when used with DynaJet. This tip expands the range of available droplet sizes, including Extremely Coarse and Ultra Coarse, for maximum drift control.



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