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Live Demonstration of Hypro 3D nozzle

02-Jun-2017 Pentair (Hypro EU)


The 3D inclined nozzle was developed by Pentair Hypro and Syngenta to achieve the best possible spray coverage for application of pre-emergence herbicides. While it is a flat fan type nozzle, it has been fine-tuned to eliminate the smallest driftable droplets, uniquely boosting performance and significantly reducing spray drift.

Successful application is a key component of achieving the critical 97% control that is needed to address high and increasing blackgrass weed populations from year to year and the enhanced drift reduction really helps spray operators to manage their workload when spraying days are scarce.

Developed alongside Syngenta, field trials with pre-emergence chemicals have proven that 3D nozzle reduces drift by 60-75% as well as increasing black-grass control by 3-6% compared with a conventional flat fan nozzle.  Application pressure can be flexible, for optimum efficacy 3D nozzles should be sprayed at 2-3 bar pressure, whilst for optimum level of drift reduction, reduce the pressure down to 1 bar (classified as 2 star LERAP for several sizes). The nozzles are optimised for use at boom heights between 50cm and 75cm and the inclined spray should be alternated backwards and forwards along the boom, treating targets from both sides, not just above, hence the 3D name.

Performance has been excellent at 100 l/ha water, beating a conventional flat fan spray at 200 l/ha in trials, further helping optimise spraying efficiency. It works most effectively at sprayer speeds between 12kph and 14kph. 3D nozzle is now available in a wide range of sizes; 015, 02, 025, 03, 035, 04, 05 06 and 08 through Pentair Hypro’s network of UK distributors. 



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