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new hydraulic extensions on Drakkar

22-Feb-2017 by: Gordon Hardy Joskin SA

Therefore JOSKIN has developed new 80 cm high hydraulic extensions on the 4 sides. 
When loading low density material (for example : silage), thanks to these extensions, both the volume and the versatility of the machine are increased. When lowered, they make the loading operations easier with a loader and reduce the fall height of potatoes for example.           

As a reminder, the JOSKIN DRAKKAR is a multi-purpose trailer allowing to transport many different types of material (silage, grains, pulp, beets, potatoes, etc.) for a high volume (from 23 to 58 m³).  
Moreover, the empty weight of the vehicle is lower thanks to the material used for the manufacturing of  the side walls (reinforced UV-resistant polyester).  The trailer has also a tapered body which enhance the unloading.


The particularity of the Drakkar is its high-resistance conveyor belt layed on the bottom of the body which rolls up and unrolls at the back of the trailer.   During the unloading operation, the front wall which is connected to the moving floor is going to support the material without compressing it.  




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