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Opico: He-Va Combi-Lift Pre-Cultivator to launch at Cereals 2017

19-Apr-2017 Opico Limited

A new He-Va Combi-Lift Pre-Cultivator that allows soil loosening at the same time as drilling or cultivating will be launched at this year’s Cereals Event.

Designed to subsoil up to 350mm deep, alleviating compaction and improving drainage, the Combi-Lift fits directly on the tractor linkage, incorporating a heavy-duty rear linkage that can pull another implement behind.

“This versatile machine is perfect for a range of tasks, and can be lifted out of work when not needed, while still operating the drill or cultivator,” Opico’s managing director, James Woolway, said. “This means specific ground can be targeted, such as wheelings, poorly drained areas of the field or pockets of compaction.”

It can be fitted with standard subsoiling legs and points or low-disturbance legs. In its standard format it’s ideal for working in combination with shallow cultivators or cultivator drills, where compaction needs alleviating or soil needs restructuring.

The low-disturbance version consists of a narrower leg and smaller, specially designed, tungsten-tipped point. It can be used down to a depth of 250mm to address soil pans and compaction to encourage depth of rooting and improved drainage.

“The low-disturbance version is ideal where blackgrass is a problem, as it can perform a medium depth cultivation with very little disturbance of the soil surface,” Mr Woolway added.

There’s a hydraulic two-point linkage on the rear of the Combi-Lift that allows the working depth of the tines to be easily adjusted from the tractor seat without affecting the drawbar height of the trailing machine.

All models can be supplied with either Hammer-Thru multi-segmented shearbolt (that reduces the need to carry shearbolts) or automatic hydraulic reset leg protection. The hydraulic reset allows the legs to trip back if they hit an obstacle and then reset automatically on the move.

The Combi-Lift is available in 3m, 4m and 6m versions, starting at £7,683+VAT.

For more information visit: www.opico.co.uk



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