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27-Apr-2017 Anderson Group

Anderson Group’s 2017 specification Stack-Pro bale accumulator trailer can now collect bales up to 51 inches square, and place them in a neat stack for storage or further movement.

The new version of the Stack-Pro will be exhibited at Cereals 2017, where Andersons will be exhibiting with its UK importer D Clifford & Sons, East Bridgford, Nottinghamshire.

The Stack-Pro uses a strong, adjustable loading arm to collect bales smoothly ‘on the move’, which removes the risk of dragging bales or their twine being damaged.

The machine positions the bales on the trailer, before unloading them in a vertical stack up to eight bales high.

It can handle all major square bale formats available in the UK and individual bales up to 1,100 kgs weight, with its on-board computer system adding up both the number of bales and calculating both their total and average weight and displaying it for the operator.

To help the Stack-Pro operate at higher working speeds several features have been added and others either given greater capacity or strengthened, says the company’s Todd McMyn:

‘Among the additions is a pair of sensors that indicate when the carriage rolling forks have returned to their original positions, which means it is safe to off-load the trailer.

‘Other changes include strengthening the machine’s rolling fork and carriage, and raising the capacity of the hydraulic systems so they can handle higher peak loads.

‘We have also added teflon elements to the loading table to ensure smoother running and prevent straw-build up around key working parts. This will help ensure reliability and relieve the operator of the need to monitor or clear these mechanisms’.



Jonathan Wheeler

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