13th & 14th June 2018  |  Chrishall Grange, Duxford, Cambridgeshire  Tickets

Cereals: The Arable Event

  • The new Tempo L 18 precision drill will be available with row spacing down to 500mm, making it ideal for planting crops such as oilseed rape and sugar beet. It has 18 row units and is available with 500mm or 508mm row spacing.

  • Väderstad’s new Carrier with the CrossCutter Disc will be at Cereals 2018. Designed to improve the mixing of trash and soil at shallow depths of 2-3cm on stubbles, cover crops and on ploughed land, it can achieve speeds of up to 20kph but with a low horsepower requirement.

  • Find out how Gibbons Agricultural Fans saves farmers time and money with a comprehensive range of electrical services.

  • Precision farming made simple at Cereals

    13-Mar-2018 by: Agri-hub

    Precision farming has revolutionised agriculture in recent years. But with so much technology and technical advice available, navigating this digital revolution can be a daunting task. 

  • Challenging stereotypes is always important, and the Cereals Event is getting behind International Women’s Day this week to disprove some common myths about females in farming. 
  • Dowdupont TM agriculture division to become Corteva Agriscience TM as it progresses toward becoming a stand-alone company.

    Corteva AgriscienceTM embodies the company’s purpose of enriching the lives of those who produce and those who consume, ensuring progress for generations to come. 

  • Weeds and diseases are two of the biggest threats to profitable arable farming, and with chemical resistance dominating product choice, it’s more important than ever for farmers to make use of the most efficient control methods. 

    From the latest chemistry to novel cultural techniques and expert scientific advice, there will be something to address everyone’s challenges at this year’s Cereals Event (13-14 June).

  • Business resilience will be key in the coming years and the Cereals Event will have plenty of advice on offer when it returns to Cambridgeshire this June. Here, five Cereals’ exhibitors offer their top tips to help farmers make the most of the peaks and ride out the troughs, which lie ahead.
  • Good soil health and structure are the basis for any successful crop. Get it right, and you will benefit from high yields and better returns but get it wrong, and it could mean a failed crop. Back again for the 2018 event, the Soil Pit at Cereals will be showing farmers what really goes on below ground level and how to tackle some of the most important soil issues.
  • Moulton College has appointed a new farm manager to inspire its next generation of young agriculture and countryside management students.

    Malcolm Pate, who will take up his role later this month, is a perfect example of how potential land-based students can achieve their aims through hard work and study.

  • The nature of farming is changing. Farmers are under increasing pressure to produce more with less – and that demands innovation and education at every stage; from genetic engineering to robotic development, and precision farming to new plant protection products.
  • The Agricultural and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) has become the latest industry body to embrace change by joining Cereals 2018 as the official Content Partner.

  • Cereals Event re-launches with new look

    19-Jan-2018 by: Agri-hub

    The Cereals Event has re-launched with a new, modern look, to complement the extensive changes taking place to re-position it as the leading technical event for the arable industry.

  • Farmers are really driving change behind the fresh new Cereals Event, with the inaugural meeting of the Farmer Advisory Board sparking lively debate and plenty of bright ideas.

    Drawing on the experience of arable farmers across the UK, the Advisory Board will identify what visitors really want from the event, complementing the Exhibitor Advisory Board, to ensure feedback from both exhibitors and visitors.

  • Cereals 2018 will see radical changes to its layout as a result of ‘CerealsPlus’ – a project created by its new owners, Comexposium.

    Bringing together the machinery and crop plots in the heart of the event, the new layout is designed to improve visitor and exhibitor experience. The announcement comes shortly after the first Cereals Advisory Board meeting, alongside consultation with the Agricultural Engineers’ Association and the industry.

    “We really want to have a far more collaborative approach with the industry,” says event director Jon Day. “The changes we are making to the layout show that we are both listening to the industry and acting on the feedback. We will be setting up a farmer focus group in addition to the exhibitor advisory board to ensure we really deliver the exceptional Cereals 2018 the industry wants.” 

  • The Cereals event is undergoing an industry-led transformation following the inaugural meeting of a new advisory board comprising 24 of the UK’s leading agricultural organisations.
  • Cereals 2018 is set for a major shake-up following the establishment of a new advisory board tasked with making the event even more relevant and technically focussed.

    “Comexposium, the new owner of the Cereals Event, is determined to respond to the constructive feedback we received this year and make substantial changes for next year,” says event director Jon Day. “One part of that is to work closely with exhibitors and farmers, ensuring that they too are on the journey with us. We are now part of a portfolio of world leading shows and Comexposium is well positioned to push the show to the next level.”

  • Large Grain Store July 2017

    31-Jul-2017 by: Simon Turner Fowler & Gilbert

    A large project completed in the Cotswolds for a Prestigious client compremising of three building, including a large Grain Store with internal Divides allowing for the storage of many different types of crop storage.

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