Cereals: The Arable Event

  • A revolutionary new seed drill is coming to Cereals 2017. The Triton sp will set seed securely with air, rooting and drainage to all seeds even in heavy wet clay late in the autumn. For the first time in 20 years blackgrass now has a powerful adversary.

  • Machinery and equipment is one of the biggest costs on farm, so making the right decision before purchase is crucial. But with so much choice and technological innovation, it can be difficult to decide without seeing it in action or directly comparing different brands.

    With millions of pounds’ worth of kit on display and dozens of experts on hand, this year’s Cereals Event (14-15 June) provides the perfect shop window for anyone in the market.

  • Farm-r - Farmer to Farmer Rental

    17-May-2017 by: Rachel Gethin Farm 491

    SUMMARY: Farmer to farmer machinery rental. Farm-r is an online platform that allows farm businesses to share machinery and create efficiencies for both parties, making agriculture more environmentally and financially sustainable. Farm-r allows farmers to easily connect with each other and transact securely at the click of a button. 

  • The Land App

    17-May-2017 by: Rachel Gethin Farm 491

    The Land App is a design tool for land management. Digitising the land you manage into one, secure place – with information available at the touch of a button.


  • Multibox

    17-May-2017 by: Rachel Gethin Farm 491

    Multibox offers a solution to help us rethink food waste. It’s the first company in the UK seeking to produce insects on a commercial scale for the animal feed, fertiliser, and medical industries. 

  • RAGT Seeds is using Cereals 2017 to highlight the valuable role its varieties can play in extending UK arable rotations. 

  • Ovlac Versatill.


    Another first into the UK and debut at this year’s Cereals 2.4m Versatill with a low Power requirement of 90-120hp is sure to appeal to the grower looking for excellent results you would find on larger high power machines but on a smaller scale.


  • Lincolnshire machinery supplier Louth Tractors will be exclusively showcasing the latest Case IH machinery and technology at this year’s Cereals as the global brand marks its 175th anniversary.

    The dealership will be exhibiting some of the cutting-edge agricultural products released by Case-IH during the last 12 months, including the Optum 300 CVX and the AFS AccuTurn automated headland turning system.

    Visitors will be able to see a Quadtrac up close or sit in the cab of a Luxxum at stand 604; the only place to find Case IH products at this year’s show.


  • Mouldboard Ploughs have been Ovlac’s flagship product for more than 80years. Ovlac Ploughs have are distributed over five continents, and is present in more than twenty Countries, and is the Largest Plough manufacturer in Spain.

     We have been very pleased with the steady growth in sales with the mounted range this year and are excited to expand Ovlac’s Product range with the introduction of the Semi mounted Plough range into the UK.  Ovlac has great experience in manufacturing reversible semi mounted ploughs for different markets and working environments.

  • Soya UK Ltd will exhibit at Cereals 2017

    15-May-2017 by: David McNaughton Soya UK

    Soya UK will be at Cereals 2017 to provide information on all aspects of this exciting new crop.

    With around a five-fold increase in the area grown in 2016, and a further five-fold increase for 2017, the national area of Soya is now around 4500 acres.  There is enormous interest in the crop as a possible new broad-acre break crop which could help combat blackgrass, and reduce the dependence on Oilseed Rape as the main break crop in the UK.    For harvest 2018, the area is expected to expand rapidly again to somewhere between 15,000 and 25,000 acres, and with a UK market of 3 million tonnes, it has the potential to become a major crop.

    Soya UK will be at Cereals to provide information on all aspects of the crop from the varieties and agronomy, through to the harvesting and marketing of the crop.

  • Use OSR genetics to reduce risk and protect yield

    15-May-2017 by: Niamh Tye, Vasilis Gegas, Les Daubney Limagrain UK

    Choosing varieties with the genetic traits or agronomic characteristics suitable for your farm can reduce risk, protect yields and give more consistent results, is the message from leading plant breeders Limagrain UK.

  • Soil organic matter levels have plummeted in recent years, dramatically affecting the health of soils. Alongside poor soil structure, this is proven to reduce cereal yields by up to 60%, so ensuring measures are in place to rectify such damage has never been more important.

    Whether it’s through mechanical practices or crop choice, there are many options for managing soil structure. “Soil is absolutely vital in arable production, so keeping it in best possible health is the foundation of a productive, profitable and viable business,” says Jon Day, event organiser. “At Cereals, we want to give farmers all the information they need to be in the best position to maximise their profits.”

  • Barrettine Environmental Health has launched Grain-Tect ULV, an insecticide protectant for stored grain and pulses.

    AgriTrade News. Vol. 10, No. 17, Pg. 4.

  • Plant Protection briefing

    12-May-2017 by: Chris Taylor National Farmers Union

    NFU stand 829, Wednesday 14th June, 10.00-11.00am

  • Arable Conference marquee (opposite the NFU stand), Wednesday 14th June, 10.30am

  • Glyphosate debate

    12-May-2017 by: Chris Taylor National Farmers Union

    Arable Conference marquee (opposite the NFU stand), Wednesday 14th June, 11.45am

  • NFU stand 829, Wednesday 14th June, 2.00-3.00pm

  • Plant Protection briefing

    12-May-2017 by: Chris Taylor National Farmers Union

    NFU stand 829, Thursday 15th June, 9.00-10.00am

  • NFU stand 829, Thursday 15th June, 10.00-11.00am

  • ROBOT - Spot Spray

    12-May-2017 by: Sean Stanfield TRP Imports

    New Feature- Spot Spray

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