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    03-Apr-2017 by: Sean Stanfield TRP Imports

    ANATIS assists the farmers, vegetable farmers in their daily work by independently carrying out the following tasks :


  • Engage Agro Europe will be launching 'ARM-U', a new urea inhibitor, at Cereals 2017. ARM-U is a liquid fertiliser additive that controls ammonia gas loss from Urea and UAN fertilisers. Ammonia volatilisation is a big issue for farmers as between 15-50% of Nitrogen can be lost as ammonia gas. The product contains 18% N-(n-butyl) thiophosphoric triamide (NBPT) which impeads the activity of the enzyme urease which is involved in the production of ammonia gas. By minimising the urease enzyme activity, the ARM-U coating and NBPT molecule inhibit the loss of ammonia gas by up to 96%.

  • Two mainstream and two specialist new Monsanto winter oilseed rape varieties will join the European market-leading Dekalb UK portfolio at Cereals 2017; DK Expedient and DK Expansion 

  • Grass weeds and disease can decimate crops – and with chemical resistance on the rise it’s more important than ever to choose the most efficient control methods.

    Whether it’s cutting edge new chemistry, or scientifically-backed advice, visitors to the Cereals Event (14-15 June) will be able to gather every tool in the armoury. And this year, it will be even easier to pinpoint the most relevant stands with the introduction of the Blackgrass Knowledge Trail and the Weeds, Disease and Nutrition Knowledge Trail.

  • Restoring soil health and structure is high on the agenda of many arable farmers. Soil organic matter has declined dramatically in many soils in recent years  and rebuilding the soil’s “battery”  is k ...
  •     Agro-Vital (UK) will be show casing its range of enhanced efficiency fertilisers designed to reduce environmental losses and improve yield and quality. Agro-Vital’s precision nutrition programmes ...
  • Three years of trials in maize applying  Efficient 28 slow release foliar nitrogen pre-tasseling have shown a 9% increase in starch yeild  over untreated plots. Maize needs 35% of its total nitrogen f ...
  • The dynamic agritech innovation and incubation hub, Farm491 is delighted to be opening five new practical workspaces at its Harnhill site, Gloucestershire, this April. Following a soft launch, the official opening will then take place on the 30th June – with a celebrity appearance from rare breeds farmer and TV Presenter Adam Henson. 

  • New TTI TwinJet  (TTI60) Spray Tip from TeeJet Technologies Offers Unmatched Drift Control The new TTI60 tip series is now available from TeeJet Technologies. The TTI60 builds on the industry-leading ...
  • TeeJet Technologies Launches DynaJet® Flex 7140 Nozzle Control System Several new features have been added to the DynaJet Flex nozzle control system.  New, higher frequency, 20-Hz solenoid operation e ...
  • A manoeuvrable and efficient tanker with lowered centre of gravity
    JOSKIN's honours list in the transport category is enriched with this award for the Volumetra slurry tanker. 30 international agricultural machinery specialized journalists rewarded the manufacturer's efforts to fa-cilitate the farmer's daily work. 

    This new solution is the result of developments based on the experience of our users for several years. The Volumetra gathers, on the same machine, many new possibilities, which make it a unique vehicle, able to adapt better to the requirements of modern agriculture. 
    This tank with a capacity of up to 26.000 l rests on a self-supporting structure with innovative specifica-tions. 

  • The new Nilfisk MH Series of hot water high pressure washers offer higher performance, improved mobility and ease-of-use

    The introduction of the Nilfisk MH Series takes hot water high pressure washers to a new level, with an extensive range of variants covering medium to heavy duty applications meeting the latest productivity demands in the market.

  • Cereals Challenge goes virtual

    25-Mar-2017 by: Niamh Tye Hutchinsons

    For the first time in its eight-year history, this year’s Cereals Challenge has gone virtual - eight teams from Universities and Colleges from across England will compete to grow the best virtual crop of spring barley.

  • A novel way of looking at disease and weeds in plots will be one of the highlights of the Bayer stand (635) at Cereals 2017.


    Instead of just parting the crop to see disease levels, the firm is digging a trench through the treated and untreated wheat plots so visitors can look more closely at disease levels on the various leaf layers, says Will Charlton, Bayer Campaign Manager for Cereal Fungicides.

  • An increase in grain price of around 40% in the last year has put oilseed rape firmly on the map for autumn 2017. However, with the same pest and disease pressures as those that struck in 2016, variety decision making is more important than ever.


    On display at Cereals this year will be Bayer’s latest hybrids, InVigor 1035 (InV1035) and InVigor 1010 (InV1010). As Sarah Middleton, Bayer’s Seeds and Traits Campaign Manager, explains, these two varieties are well placed to tackle the current challenges of growing OSR:


    “It is widely accepted now that seed yield isn’t the most important factor when it comes to variety decision making. What is important is ensuring that the crop reaches harvest in the best possible condition, and this comes down to tailoring agronomy to on-farm conditions – something that the InVigor portfolio is well placed to do."

  • The ‘Hands Free Hectare’ project, which will see a crop exclusively farmed by robots for the first time in the world, is well under-way. The team have selected the key machinery required to reach their goal and made their tractor autonomous.

  • The ‘Hands Free Hectare’ project, which will see a crop exclusively farmed by robots for the first time in the world, is well under-way. The team have selected the key machinery required to reach their goal and made their tractor autonomous.

  • Precision farming can be a good way to maximise efficiencies, but with so much new technology and advice it can be hard to know where to start.

    From nutrient mapping and precision fertiliser application to variable rate drills and slurry injectors, the opportunities to reduce crop inputs and boost productivity are considerable. Unfortunately, finding the best solution for your farm can be a more inefficient process, given the wide range of manufacturers and advisers available.

  • Fully automatic crop cooling, wireless monitoring from anywhere in the world and the ability to cut down energy bills by up to 40%, puts Barn Owl Wireless at the top of every farmer’s wish list. Designed with precision and efficiency in mind, Barn Owl Wireless can significantly reduce the time taken to cool grain and reduce the energy cost of store management, whilst ensuring that stored crops remain in optimum condition. Installed in flat floor stores, drying floors, silo or bin complexes, the system has also been installed in potato stores and been used in compost production and woodchip storage.

  • CLA Rural Business ‘Champion’ Award winners Landmark Systems is demonstrating Geofolia, a simple time-saving crop recording solution for farmers, for the first time at Cereals (14/15 June).  This year the UK’s leading technical event is at Boothby Graffoe, Lincolnshire.  

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