Cereals: The Arable Event

Syngenta logoThe sprays and sprayers area profiles the most up-to-date innovations and application technology, helping you improve efficiency, deliver accuracy and reduce costs. 50 of the latest sprayers on the market are put through their paces in Syngenta’s Sprays and Sprayers arena including self-propelled sprayers, mounted sprayers, trailed sprayers, air assisted and twin fluid sprayers.

Around the arena are suppliers of sprays and sprayer technology, making it possible to compare new products once you've seen them put through their paces. There's no better place to compare sprayer products and services!

Timetabled within the arena are self-propelled sprayers, mounted sprayers, trailed sprayers, air assisted and twin fluid sprayers together with the Farm Sprayer Operator of the Year awards (FSOOTY).


Sprays and sprayers 2017 exhibitors include:

Below are the latest press releases for Sprays and Sprayers:

  • A novel way of looking at disease and weeds in plots will be one of the highlights of the Bayer stand (635) at Cereals 2017.


    Instead of just parting the crop to see disease levels, the firm is digging a trench through the treated and untreated wheat plots so visitors can look more closely at disease levels on the various leaf layers, says Will Charlton, Bayer Campaign Manager for Cereal Fungicides.

  • An increase in grain price of around 40% in the last year has put oilseed rape firmly on the map for autumn 2017. However, with the same pest and disease pressures as those that struck in 2016, variety decision making is more important than ever.


    On display at Cereals this year will be Bayer’s latest hybrids, InVigor 1035 (InV1035) and InVigor 1010 (InV1010). As Sarah Middleton, Bayer’s Seeds and Traits Campaign Manager, explains, these two varieties are well placed to tackle the current challenges of growing OSR:


    “It is widely accepted now that seed yield isn’t the most important factor when it comes to variety decision making. What is important is ensuring that the crop reaches harvest in the best possible condition, and this comes down to tailoring agronomy to on-farm conditions – something that the InVigor portfolio is well placed to do."

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