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Sprayer in arenaSyngenta logoThe Sprays and Sprayers Arena profiles the most up-to-date innovations and application technology, helping you improve efficiency, deliver accuracy and reduce costs. 50 of the latest sprayers on the market are put through their paces in Syngenta’s Sprays and Sprayers arena including self-propelled sprayers, mounted sprayers, trailed sprayers, air assisted and twin fluid sprayers.

Around the arena are suppliers of sprays and sprayer technology, making it possible to compare new products once you've seen them put through their paces. There's no better place to compare sprayer products and services!

Timetabled within the arena are self-propelled sprayers, mounted sprayers, trailed sprayers, air assisted and twin fluid sprayers together with the Farm Sprayer Operator of the Year awards (FSOOTY).

See Cereals' first spraying drone in the Drone Zone. Crop Angel will be doing demonstrations at 11am on both show days.

CPD points    

To find out which exhibitors in the Sprays and Sprayers arena will be offering BASIS and NRoSO points click here.

Sprays and sprayers 2017 exhibitors include:

2017 timetable      

Wednesday 9am & 1.15pm and Thursday 9am & 1pm

  Self-propelled Sprayers 3100 litres and above   Boom Width   Model
  Agrifac UK Ltd   36m   Condor IV
  Amazone Ltd   36m   Pantera 4502
  Bargam Sprayers   36m   Grimac J 4000
  Bateman Engineering Ltd   36m   RB35
  Bateman Engineering Ltd   36m   RB55
  Berthoud Sprayers Ltd   36m   Vantage
  Chafer Machinery Ltd   30m     Interceptor
  Challenger (AGCO)   36m   RG655D
  Chantry-Dammann UK Ltd   36m   Dammann-trac DT 527
  GM-R Sprayers   24m   Fieldcruiser 
  Hardi Ltd   24m   Alpha Eco 5100 FloatRide
  Househam Sprayers   24m   Merlin
  Househam Sprayers   36m   Predator
  John Deere   36m   R4040i
  Kellands Agriculture Ltd   24m   M380-4/S4000
  Knight Farm Machinery    36m   2050
  Sands Agricultural Machinery   32m   Horizon
  Tecnoma     36m   LASER
  Vicon    36m   iXdrive 5240


Wednesday 10.15am & 2.30pm and Thursday 10.15am & 2.15pm

  Mounted Sprayers   Boom Width   Model
  Amazone Ltd   30m   UF 1801/FT1001
  Berthoud Sprayers Ltd   24m   Elyte
  Knight Farm Machinery   24m   Xtra
  Kuhn Farm Machinery UK Ltd   24m   ALTIS 2 + PF
  Landquip   24m   Condor
  Lemken   24m   Sirius 10
  Tecnoma   24m   MAXIS
  Vicon    24m   iXter B18


Wednesday 10.50am & 2.55pm and Thursday 10.50am, 12.45pm & 2.40pm

  Syngenta Spray Technology Demonstration


Wednesday 11.05am & 3.10pm and Thursday 11.05am & 2.55pm

  Trailed Sprayers   Boom Width   Model
  Amazone Ltd   36m   UX4200 Super
  Bethoud Sprayers Ltd   30m   Raptor FC
  Chafer Machinery Ltd   24-30m   Guardian
  Chafer Machinery Ltd   24-42m   Sentry 'e'
  Challenger (AGCO)   30m   RG344
  Hardi Ltd   24m   Commander 4500 Delta Force
  Horsch   36m   LEEB 5LT
  John Deere   24m   M740i
  John Deere   36m   R900i PowrSpray
  Knight Farm Machinery     24m   Xplorer
  Kuhn Farm Machinery UK Ltd   24m   LEXIS
  Landquip   30m   INTRAC
  Lemken   24m   Vega 12
  Lemken   36m   Albatros 9
  Maschio Gaspardo   36m   CAMPO 65
  Team Sprayers   24m   Leader 4
  Tecnoma   28m   TECNIS


Wednesday 12.20pm & 4.25pm and Thursday 12.20pm & 4.10pm

  Air-Assist, Skid Units and Self-propelled Sprayers less than 3000 litres   Boom Width   Model
  Hardi Ltd   24m   Alpha Eco 5100 TWINForce  FloatRide
  Landquip   24m   Demount & Front Tank Combi Unit
  Bateman Engineering Ltd   24m   RB26
  Househam Sprayers   24m   Spirit
  Kellands Agriculture Ltd   24m   2700
  Sands Agricultural Machinery   24m   Horizon


Wednesday 12.45pm

  Syngenta - Farm Sprayer Operator Of The Year (FSOOTY)


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