Think 2050! Making Miscanthus Meet the Demands of a Fast-Growing Bio-Economy

13 Jun 2019

International commitments on emissions and climate change are all framed on a number of target dates, with the furthest being 2050. 30 years is the “Blink of an Eye” in which to develop new feedstocks, develop and implement new infrastructure, and have it all working at scale in order to deliver the required outcomes. William Cracroft-Eley will speak about the delivery of rapidly upscalable biomass supply chains from Miscanthus, successfully bridging the different needs of the end-user and the grower. In conjunction with Aberystwyth University, Terravesta’s ongoing plant breeding programme is developing new seed-based Miscanthus hybrids that will maximise our ability to deliver the solutions demanded today for the sustainable achievements of the worlds 2050 goals.

William Cracroft-Eley, Founder - Terravesta

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