Safeguarding glyphosate against resistance development within min-till/no-till environments

12 Jun 2019

Reduced or no cultivation regimes present their own challenges for effective weed control. Glyphosate plays an important part within such approaches delivering cost effective out-of-crop control of grass and broad-leaved weeds. With the increase in weeds resistant to other herbicide modes of action, such as the ALS and ACCase inhibitors, selection pressures on glyphosate are mounting. WRAG, NFU, AHDB and the glyphosate manufacturers are acutely aware of this and have developed guidance to help minimise the risk of developing resistance. Barrie will discuss this, warn against complacency and highlight Bayer’s approach to ensuring the long term sustainable use of glyphosate products.

Barrie Hunt, Technical Development Manager - Bayer CropScience

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