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Routes into Farming

10 Jun 2020

Chaired by Milly Fyfe, Food and Farming Ambassador

Covid-19, the phasing out of the basic payment and Brexit will result in a massive restructure of the industry, opening up new challenges but also new opportunities for forward-thinking farmers. 

• Jeremy Moody, CAAV examines the issues, including housing and tenancy reforms, and where Government needs to provide direction and support

• Delyth Jones, Venture explores the opportunity that share farming and other options can provide young entrants. According to the CLA, if a quarter of farmers in England aged over 65 entered into a share farming agreement it would open up 8,000 new entrants.

• Dan Frost talks about his journey, as an engineer and teacher's son with no family farming background, to securing a 90-acre arable tenancy in Peterborough County Council.

• Matt Redman started a contracting business five years ago, which not only enabled him to build a high-tech machinery fleet and take on a 1,000-acre arable tenancy at Landbeach, Cambs.

Milly Fyfe, Food and Farming Ambassador
Jeremy Moody, Secretary and Adviser - Central Association of Agricultural Valuers
Delyth Jones, Venture Officer - Farming Connect
Dan Frost
Matt Redman




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