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Skills for the Future

10 Jun 2020

Chaired by Tom Bradshaw, NFU Vice President

This session explores what skills are needed to stay on top of new technologies and business opportunities, as well as how to improve your own personal influence and performance.

• Beverly Dixon, chair of the CPD work stream on Agricultural and Horticultural Skills Leadership Group (SLG) and Group HR Director at G’s explores what new skills farmers need to deliver the highest professional standards and adapt to increasing technology

• Oliver McEntyre, Barclays National Agriculture Strategy Director talks through making yourself more employable and marketable: Building your influence and authority is tricky when you are in the early stages of your career; bankers, dealers and distributors do not always take you seriously as the key decision-maker.

•Simon Gadd heads up the NFU’s Next Generation board and addresses upskilling to focus on profitability, performance and productivity

•David Goodwin Costow Farms talks about the important role that young farmers can play in influencing the industry beyond their own farm gate.


Tom Bradshaw, Vice President - National Farmers Union
Beverly Dixon, Group HR Director - G's Fresh
Oliver McEntyre, National Strategy Director - Barclays Agriculture
David Goodwin, Partner - Costow Farms
Simon Gadd, NFU Next Generation Forum Chairman




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