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Soils: the heart of a sustainable system

10 Jun 2020

Chaired by Caroline Drummond, LEAF CEO

This session explores ways to improve soil health – key to creating a resilient economically and environmentally sustainable farming system

•Clive Bailye, TWB Farms, Staffordshire, was the inaugural Soil Farmer of the Year in 2016, and discusses how he is using cover cropping, zero tillage and rotational diversity to improve soil fertility.

•Tom Chapman, Innovation4Agriculture, reviews the soil health benefits and practicalities of introducing animals into an arable system

•Julian Gold is putting controlled traffic farming and minimal tillage at the heart of his strategy to prioritise soil health on his 750ha arable business.

•Sam Walker shares his organic farming best practice to improve soil health on his organic beef and arable farmer at Stantyway Farm, Offerton.


Caroline Drummond MBE, Hon DSc, NSch, Chief Executive - LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming)
Julian Gold, Farm Manager, Hendred Estate, Oxfordshire
Sam Walker , Tenant farmer
Tom Chapman - Innovation4Agriculture




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