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11-12 June 2024

Bygrave Woods

Newnham Farm

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Cereals ADHB Theatre

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Cereals ADHB Theatre

08 Jun 2022
  1. AHDB’s Tim Rycroft opens the theatre and reviews results of the AHDB vote.
  2. This session explores how farmers can both adapt to and mitigate climate change, benefiting both the environment and the bottom line.

  3. As BPS phases out, are the incoming co-designed schemes going to help or hinder farmers? Our chair interviews politicians and industry experts on farm policy and grant schemes.

  4. Basic Payments will be eradicated in the next five years, and, for most farmers, environmental schemes will not cover that loss. So how do you create a profitable business without external support?
  5. Policy makers and big industry are increasingly focused on environmental improvement. So how can farmers secure an income from this emerging market involving both public and private investment?

09 Jun 2022
  1. Covid and the war in Ukraine have created massive volatility in grain markets and input availability. Combined with new trade flows, what does this mean for food security and what is the short-term outlook?

  2. Fertiliser, chemical and fuel costs have reached record highs – our panel explores different ways to manage this, from new technologies to the latest thinking on integrated pest management.

  3. Hailed as the answer to many of farming’s challenges, regenerative farming is growing in popularity. But it’s not all plain sailing. Our panel of farmers and experts offer top tips for success.

  4. From driverless tractors to drone sprayers, gene editing to biofungicides, new technology is evolving at pace. This quick-fire session introduces the latest cutting-edge developments while asking the important question: Do they pay?


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