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Non-Chemical solutions

10 Jun 2020

Chaired by Tom Allen-Stevens, CPM Editor

With the pesticide armory available to UK arable growers shrinking fast due to regulation or resistance, this session explores other cost-effective solutions to tackle weeds, pests and disease.

Dr Roma Gwynn of BioRationale explores the potential of biopesticides, such as insect-killing bacteria, in tackling pests and diseases on UK arable farms.

Dr Rachel Wells, John Innes Centre provides an insight on research that is tackling cabbage stem flea bettle in oilseed rape and how parasitic wasps and new genetic developments could help combat the pest.

• Dr Samantha Cook, a behavioural ecologist at Rothamsted Research, considers how natural enemies like parasitic wasps, as well as trap crops and colour diversity, could help combat pest like flea and pollen beetle.

John Cussans, NIAB tackles blackgrass control options as resistance forces arable farmers to rethink everything from the rotation to cultivations and herbicide timings.

Tom Allen-Stevens , Editor - Crop Production Magazine (CPM)
Rachel Wells , Senior Scientist, Department of Crop Genetics - John Innes Centre
Roma L Gwynn, Director - Biorationale Limited




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