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Getting more from less

10 Jun 2020

Chaired by Karl Schneider, Editor of Farmers Weekly

With resistance to pesticides increasingly compromising control, this session explores new strategies to get ‘more from less’ in managing weeds, pests and disease.

• AHDB’s Paul Neve looks at smarter solutions for next generation crop protection and IPM in the arable rotation.

• NIAB's Bill Clark says its time to ditch those high yielding ‘disease-prone’ varieties. A fungicide armoury that can no longer tackle resistance alongside a potential reduction of £60/ha in fungicide costs makes the case for choosing varieties that are more disease-hardy compelling.

• John Hawkins, Dorset farmer, has adopted a low input regenerative farming approach which, alongside a water quality trial, is delivering significant economic and environmental benefits.

• Lise Jorgensen, Aarhus University provides an overview of Danish farming experiences in cutting back on pesticides


Karl Schneider, Editor and Publishing Director - Farmers Weekly
John Hawkins, Farmer - Bagber Farms
Paul Neve, Head of Crop Health and IPM - Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board.
Lise Nistrup Jørgensen, Senior Scientist - Department of Agroecology Aarhus University




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