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11-12 June 2024

Bygrave Woods

Newnham Farm

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Great soils, great crops

13 Jun 2023
Cereals Mainstage

Healthy soils are the lifeblood of farming. Our keynote farmer speaker explains how he has improved his low-grade land to such an extent that is now part of a high-yielding arable rotation, followed by presentations of the latest soil health research and resources.

Chaired by Shaun Dowman, Agroecology Lead Adviser at FWAG East

LEAF farmer, John Renner will discuss how he tailors soil management and fertility to individual fields and rotations on his 500-acre arable business. Non-inversion tillage, added organic matter and crop selection to enhance soil structure are key.

Dr Lydia Smith, Head of NIAB’s Innovation Farm, explores the use of herbal leys in a fully arable system to improve soil structure and resilience.

Prof David Powlson, Lawes Trust Senior Fellow at Rothamsted Research, gives new insights on global research – is it possible to attain target soil organic matter in an arable rotation and does it influence soil function?

Farmer, Angus Gowthorpe, explains his work with the Yorkshire Agricultural Society Science Network and Newcastle University to produce a new online cover crop resource to improve soil health.

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