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11-12 June 2024

Bygrave Woods

at Newnham Farm

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Regenerative inspiration

14 Jun 2023
Cereals Mainstage

Chaired by Geoff Sansome, Head of Agriculture Natural England

Our farming speakers provide new insights and their unique practical experience of the benefits of circular and regenerative farming methods. Charlie Steer, Arable Manager at Grosvenor Farms and Nuffield Scholar, describes how a circular economy works. The three ‘R’s’ of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, should become a vital part of modern food production, helping to transform our systems to eliminate waste, better circulate resources and regenerate the natural world. Farmer Edward Reynolds explains how adopting regenerative practices has reduced his overheads from £715/ha and 121 litres/ha of diesel five years ago to £494/ha and 47 litres/ha, respectivel,y on his 329ha Cambs arable farm.

Jenny Jefferies, Author and Presenter, talks about how consuming and producing food more sustainably was at the heart of her husband’s decision to convert to regenerative agriculture 7 years ago. She discusses the importance of sharing stories about regenerative and conservation agriculture with each other and the general public.

Geoff Sansome, Head of Agriculture - NATURAL ENGLAND
Charlie Steer, Arable Manager and Nuffield Scholar - Grosvenor Farms
Thomas Gent, Farmer - AGREENA
Edward Reynolds, Farmer
Jenny Jefferies, Award winning author, columnist & presenter

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