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Budgeting and Risk Management

11 Jun 2020

Chaired by Miles Bradley, Cambridge FX

This session explores way to optimise the value of your production by ensuring you meet buyers’ specifications, understand the small print of your contracts and manage risk.

  • Cecilia Pryce, Openfield, talks through the common pitfalls in the T & C’s of your contract and common compliance issues
  • James Bolesworth, CRM Commodities explores options and other marketing tools as a way to protect against price fluctuations and manage grain storage more efficiently
  • Rupert Wailes-Fairbairn, Lycetts explores how crop insurance can protect farmers against volatile weather and other natural events
  • James Rendell, BirdsEyeView talks about the future of crop insurance by using is looking to use aerial intelligence and cutting-edge technology to provide bespoke crop insurance for farmers





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