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Minimal soil disturbance and cover crops are the cornerstones of conservation agriculture.  Demonstrators in this newly expanded area at Cereals 2021 will showcase and discuss the benefits of their machinery as it relates to direct drill, min-till , no-till solutions for arable farmers.  

Visit this area to engage with experts who can help with any questions that you might have about the practicalities of conservation agriculture.  The expanded area at Cereals 2021 will include demonstrations throughout both days of the event. 

Manufacturer Day One & Day Two Demo Schedule Time
Mzuri   9:00
Aitchison 4000 Series Seedmatic 10:00
Amazone Primera DMC 6000-2C 11:00
Horizon DSX – Direct Seed Drill 12:00
Claydon Opti-Till System  13:00
Aitchison 4000 Series Seedmatic 14:00
Amazone Primera DMC 6000-2C 15:00
Horizon SPX – Strip-till Cultivator 16:00
Claydon Opti-Till System  17:00
Claydon Please note that Claydon will also be demoing near the NAAC Land Drainage Hub throughout both days. All Day
Mzuri Please note that Mzuri will also be demoing near the Direct Drill Demo Area throughout both days. All Day


Amazone pic for cover crop drilling demos

Demonstrators include

Aitchison logo for direct drill
Amazone logo for direct drill area
Claydon Drill logo for direct drill area
Horizon logo for direct drill area
Mzuri logo for direct drill demo page

Aitchison demos the 4000 Series Seedmatic

Built with over five decades of proven Aitchison® seeding experience in mind, the extremely successful 4000 Series Seedmatic seed drill lets you sow the seeds of success, the Aitchison zero-tillage way.

4000 Series Seedmatic disc drill is fitted with a large 406mm (16″) concave disc opener & heavy dragarm which are good for extreme stone or rocky situations, or difficult matting type swards such as Kikuyu and high crop residue situations like maize stubble.

The larger rolling circumference gives better cutting and penetration when the going gets tough.
A spring loaded vertical travel of 150mm allows the disc to follow the contour of the soil surface with a more even seed depth placement designed to deliver uniform plant emergence with optimum yields at lower costs.

The Seedmatic drills have a narrow 125mm or 5inch row spacing, giving the seed the ultimate secure opportunity to establish a great pasture or crop. The unique seeding system is extremely accurate, and the infinitely variable gearbox handles most seed volumes and sizes effortlessly.
Included are the Aitchison Electronic area meter for metric or imperial measurements of work done, and the Treadboard & safety rail for loading the Drill with seed or fertiliser.

Seedmatic seed drills for direct drill demos
Amazone closeup for direct drill page

Amazone demos the Primera DMC 6000-2C

Amazone will demo the Primera DMC 6000-2C direct drill at the Cereals 2021 event.  This is a 6m direct drill with a chisel point openers, the metering systems are driven electrically and are variable rare and section control enabled. The 4,200 litre tank is geared up for both grain and fertiliser.  The Primera DMC 6000-2C has 32 openers over 6 m on a 18.75 cm row spacing and a huge clearance from point to point and from coulter bank to coulter bank for good trash flow. Seed depth is controlled by the following hoop roller on each coulter and seed coverage is done by the Exact following harrow on the rear. Horsepower requirement is from 180hp.

Claydon demos the Opti-Till System

Taking place, all day throughout both days in their own demo area near the NAAC Land Drainage Hub, Claydon will demo their Opti-Till System.

The Claydon leading tine moves the optimum amount of soil, but only where it’s needed – in the seeding and rooting zone. It creates tilth and drainage, aerating the soil and alleviating compaction.  The perfect growing environment is created for fast germination. The soil between the seeded bands is left undisturbed and moisture is conserved for the plants to tap into. The undisturbed banks of soil support the weight of farm traffic, minimising the damage caused by wheelings and compaction.

The front tine has been designed to drill direct into stubble, but can also be used in plough and min-till scenarios. It works on heavy clay and light sandy soils, baked out ground and wetter soils. It is this front tine that helps make the Claydon Hybrid drill so versatile. And as extreme weather events demonstrate, when conditions make it difficult for other drills, crops can be established with a Claydon Hybrid drill.

Claydon pic for direct drill demo page

Horizon Agriculture Demos include

DSX – Direct Seed Drill

The Horizon DSX is the ultimate direct seed drill. Designed and developed using lessons learned from generations of hands-on experience and featuring cutting-edge technology, resulting in a machine that effectively delivers accurate, consistent seed placement and with minimal soil disturbance on every pass.  Benefits

  • Designed, developed and manufactured in Great Britain
  • Unique modular and upgradeable design
  • Adapts and grows with your business
  • Reliable and durable
  • Minimal soil disturbance
  • Split seeding options


SPX – Strip-till Cultivator

The Horizon SPX strip-till system combines the process of conventional tillage with the soil-protecting advantages of no-till by disturbing only the portion of the soil that is to contain the seed row. Benefits

  • Designed, developed and manufactured in Great Britain
  • Cultivate and plant in a single pass
  • Hydraulic pressure system ensures consistent seed depth
  • Great transitional option for if you are not ready to move to no-till
Horizon second pic for direct drill demo area
Horizon SPX for direct drill demo page

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