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'Cereals LIVE 2020' our virtual event will be starting in:

Cereals LIVE 2020 is our first virtual event taking place on the 10th & 11th June 2020. The DIT Innovation & Tech Theatre will be covering the content below through a webinar. Please note that these seminar slots are subject to change and speakers will be announced in due course.

You will be able to access the webinar on this section of the website and will also have an opportunity to collect BASIS & NRoSO points.

10 Jun 2020
  1. Take a look at how data sharing, blockchain and interoperability are coming together to benefit arable farmers. Is artificial intelligence the way forward, especially when combined with the latest gen ...
  2. What’s new in the world of crop health? See how evidence-based nutrient decisions can boost yields and hear about the latest fungicides and plant breeding for disease resistance, alongside research in ...
  3. Invention is often driven by necessity, so who better to serve farming’s needs than farmers themselves? We take a peek into the plethora of farm-led innovation, from bespoke field equipment to unusual ...
11 Jun 2020
  1. What does the future of arable farming look like? Hear from national and international scientists about the latest plant breeding developments, including Rothamsted’s wheat genetic improvement network ...
  2. Precision farming is advancing in huge strides. In this session we profile the latest technology, from autonomous robots to mechanical weeding, spot spraying and laser weed control. Find out how GPS i ...
  3. Hear from a variety of farmers who are implementing precision technology on farm to improve efficiencies and environmental outcomes. And find out how adopting precision farming affects Anderson’s Loam ...

Please note that the timetables are subject to change and speakers will be announced in due course

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Cereals is supported by the  Department of International Trade (DIT). “The DIT Agri-tech Team promotes UK exports and inward investment and helps drive sustainable intensification of agriculture to provide global access to sufficient, safe, healthy food.

The team is made up of private sector specialists and civil servants combining the expertise and knowledge of business, academia and government from across the UK and the international Agri-tech sector

Working alongside DIT’s global network of in-country experts in over 100 markets, the team provides tailored advice and support to businesses or institutions looking to develop in overseas markets.

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