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Cereals LIVE 2020 is our first virtual event taking place on the 10th & 11th June 2020. The DIT Innovation & Tech Webinars will be covering the content below through an online webinar. Please note that these seminar slots are subject to change and speakers will be announced in due course.

You will be able to access the webinar on this section of the website and will also have an opportunity to collect BASIS & NRoSO points.

11 Jun 2020
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    Chaired by Dr Anthony John, Department of International Trade

    This session explores the latest innovations in digital and data – and how farmers can access the value that lies in disruptive technologies.

    • Matthew Smith, Agrimetrics discusses getting the most from your data by addressing trust and the data market, which now offers a growing catalogue and value to the sector

    • Luke Halsey, Farm 491 CEO reviews who is doing what in software interoperability, data aggregration and AI, and how it will impact on UK arable farms

    • John Redhead, UK Centre of Ecology and Hydrology reveals a new web-based biodiversity app to help identify which parts of your farm are best used for woodland, pollinators or wildlife

    • Jack Wrangham, Drone Ag talks about Skippy Scout, a smartphone-based app which enables farmers to fly a drone to points in a field and get accurate green area index (GAI), emerging plant counts and spot weeds and insect damage



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    Chaired by Hadyn Craig, Department of International Trade

    This session explores the current and new technologies that might be available to assist arable farmers to target pests, diseases and weeds more efficiently.

    • Jonathan Gill, HAU: Hands Free Hectare is now a Hands Free 35-acre farm where automated machines are growing arable crops remotely without operators in the driving seat or agronomists on the ground
    • Sam Watson Jones, Small Robot Company, gives an insight on farmbots Tom, Dick and Harry which plant, feed and weed arable crops autonomously with minimal waste
    • Harry Coppin, Garfords looks at the benefits and practicalities of mechanical weeding in arable rotations
    • Nick Tillett, Tillett & Hague Technology, looks at the practicalities and benefits of spot spraying and band spraying
    • Brian Gorham, MagGrow talks about how magnetic spraying technology is enabling farmers to cut drift and make more precise spray applications




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    Chaired by Christopher Horne, Department of International Trade

    Precision farming technologies haven’t been as widely adopted as many hoped. This session explores the practicalities, limitations and future role of the technologies on arable farming businesses

    • Shamal Mohammed, AgriEPI Centre gives a precision vision - what works, what doesn’t and what’s coming down the line for arable farmers
    • Michael Haverty, Andersons looks at the financial and operational impacts of precision farming techniques have on the company’s loam model farm
    • Professor James Lowenberg-DeBoer, HAU discusses the financial and practical considerations of investing in crop robots
    • David Blacker, farming in the Yorks Vale, provides unique insights on precision farming technology working on his arable farming business
    • Wrap up by Dr Elizabeth Warham, Department of International Trade



Pre-recorded sessions – available on demand

DIT Innovation and Tech Theatre: Farmer-led innovations

Many of the best innovations come from farmers – and there’s a move to fund more farmer-led research by DEFRA. This session explores the inventions, research and new answers emerging from farmer-led innovation.

  • Mike Donovan, editor of Practical Farm Ideas, has been a torch bearer for the ethos of farmer ingenuity. He picks his top five farmer inventions
  • Liz Bowles, Soil Association, describes the impact of the work in their Innovative Farmers’ field labs - from compost teas to improving utilisation of ADD and oilseed rape defoliation.
  • Daniel Kindred, ADAS summarises the key impacts for farmers emerging from a number of its farming innovation groups.
  • William Macalpine, Rothamsted Research, discusses FarmInn, a joint venture with AHDB on farm-inspired research
  • TBC, Defra, explains three possible schemes which might be introduced from 2022: Industry led R&D syndicates, innovation accelerators and themed collaborative R&D

Please note that the timetables are subject to change and speakers will be announced in due course

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Cereals is supported by the  Department of International Trade (DIT). “The DIT Agri-tech Team promotes UK exports and inward investment and helps drive sustainable intensification of agriculture to provide global access to sufficient, safe, healthy food.

The team is made up of private sector specialists and civil servants combining the expertise and knowledge of business, academia and government from across the UK and the international Agri-tech sector

Working alongside DIT’s global network of in-country experts in over 100 markets, the team provides tailored advice and support to businesses or institutions looking to develop in overseas markets.




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