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11-12 June 2025 

Roy Ward Farms, Heath Farm

Leadenham Lincs

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Why Choose Arvorum?

ARVORUM Stand: 903

Arvorum brings satellite, yield and nutrition data together with your own observations and sensor information, creating maps that optimise yields and reduce waste. One low price gets you all tools you need to farm better.

The Power to be More Precise

Empowering you and your team to exploit the power of precision to farm more productively and sustainably.

Arvorum brings all the in-field variabiliy data on your fields together in one place. Arvorum is part of a comprehensive global precision farming network that has been customised with optimised connections to British software, data and machinery. Arvorum is easy to set up and easy to use.

A single price gives you access to Arvorum’s entire functionality, including a mobile app with the ability to create and apply variable rate fertiliser, spray or seed maps and securely share tasks with colleagues or advisors.

Arvorum integrates satellite imagery, harvest data, field scouting, variable rate application and record keeping.

Compatible With Your Equipment

We understand that farming is a complex operation that requires the use of various tools and machinery.

That’s why Arvorum is designed to work seamlessly with your machinery, allowing you to transmit application maps wirelessly for compatible devices. Our system works with tractors, fertiliser sprayers, and other equipment to ensure that everything is operating efficiently and effectively.

Arvorum also enables the recording of applied maps, so you can easily keep track of all your operations. With AGI, we provide farmers with an advanced solution for managing their farming operations. This means you can streamline your farming operations, save time and increase productivity.

Arvorum Works With Your Team

Arvorum brings your whole farming team together to make more profitable and sustainable decisions for each part of your fields. All data on your farm is synchronised between the app and the PC to bring everything together in one place.

We believe in bringing the entire farming team together to farm better. By sharing data and activities, we help farmers make more informed decisions and achieve superior results.

Our Technology

Arvorum securely connects directly to your own data help in private databases like Muddy Boots & Gatekeeper and conveniently links to other public data published, for example, by DEFRA.

You can be informed automatically when new data including new satellite images are available for your fields.

Collectively Arvorum contains all the tools to make better farming decisions. Annual summaries can show you how much you have saved or optimised. Our platform is designed for interaction between managers, staff and advisors with synchronisation in the cloud.

The Mobile App

The phone/tablet app allows infield GPS scouting and also seamlessly connects with a variety of in-field sensors and connections to weather & plant diagnostic tools.

Data recorded in the field is automatically synchronised to the office computer and can be shared with professional advisors and fellow colleagues on the farm via tasks.

The phone/table app allows in-field GPS scouting note and task creation. It is also shows CropX and weather data and is the place to use AI disease and pest diagnostic tools.

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