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11-12 June 2024 

Newnham SG7 5JX

6am Carparks; 7am Gates; 8am Stands open

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14 Jun 2021

JJ Metcalfe & Son Ltd NG System

Joanne Franks

With soil types varying considerably in fields and farms across the country and internationally, finding a cultivation system that performs well in the majority of conditions is no easy task. With a range of shin, wing and point options the versatile NG System from J.J. Metcalfe & Son can be configured for optimum
performance in all soil types.

The System has been designed with three key initiatives. First and foremost the NG System has been designed to create the best possible soil structure for the crop. In most cases gaining a higher yield per acre is more valuable than fuel or wear savings, making this the most important factor when choosing a cultivation system.

Second, the NG System achieves the above using the lowest draft possible. However it is very important to take into account how the NG is creating the right environment for the crop before considering the fuel savings, as fuel can be wasted if parts are not doing the job properly.

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