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11-12 June 2024 

Newnham SG7 5JX

6am Carparks; 7am Gates; 8am Stands open

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A renewables revolution we want everyone in the farming industry to join

Simon Hopkins
We are keeping the nation solar-powered
A renewables revolution we want everyone in the agricultural industry to join

HIT Energy Services is making solar the green power of choice for everyone in the agricultural industry. 


Through free health checks, a monitoring service and Power Purchase, the company wants to help all farmers generate as much energy as possible whether they currently have Solar PV installed or not. 


The renewables experts already monitor hundreds of sites around the U.K. and Ireland worth £16.5m, that produce enough energy to power 3,500 houses.


More and more are joining the network each week. 


“We want generating electricity from green, renewable sources to be seen as a crucial aspect of all farming operations,” said Simon Hopkins of HIT Energy Services. 


“Many already use the sun to grow crops, so surely it’s only natural to use it to power their business as well?


“Our aim is to make it as easy as possible for everyone in the industry by offering tailored services to suit each business’ needs, that we are excited to showcase at Cereals 2021.”


Thousands of farmers already have Solar PV systems that they have paid vast sums for, but many are failing to make the most of their investments. 


Some have aged or have malfunctioned, which could be losing the owners hundreds or thousands of pounds a month in lost generation.  


HIT Energy Services’ free health check is aimed at bringing them back up to speed. 


The company has also started repowering sites, giving these a much needed boost that gets them firing again as if they were brand new. 


Through the HIT Energy Guard, sites can then be monitored 24/7, with engineers on standby to be sent out to fix a problem before it starts costing the owner money. 


The technology has won many major awards such as being listed in the prestigious Midlands Tech 50 list and named online innovation at LAMMA 2020.


This can give farmers and business owners peace of mind that they will never lose money again, making solar a reliable source of energy. 


“Everyone is more conscious of our effect on the planet and climate change than ever before, and the farming industry is no different,” Simon added. 


“While solar ticks all the boxes in providing cheap, green power to businesses in the sector, we realise not all can afford such a large investment or are unsure whether or not it would prove cost effective for them over the long term.


“That is why we have also decided to introduce the HIT Energy Power Purchase – which we are excited to showcase at Cereals 2021. 


“Essentially, farmers enjoy all the benefits and we will take care of the technical details.”


Through the scheme, HIT Energy Services’ engineers will build a Solar PV system at no capital cost to the farmer or business owner.


The solar experts will then sell the power generated at a price that is below market cost per Kw/h, while taking care of everything else including grid connections, maintenance and planning.


All of these services mean anyone in the sector can use the multi award-winning innovations to make their operation truly green.


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