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14 Apr 2022

All change at Tele Radio UK

What's Happening at Tele Radio UK Ltd?

About Tele Radio Group

Founded in Lysekil, Sweden in 1955, now headquartered in Gothenburg, with twenty-two subsidiary companies in Europe, the Americas and in Asia.

Being a Swedish company, safety is part of our essence. Therefore, we make sure our products meet the highest possible safety standards, and we have the certificates to back that claim up.

Our products are not only safe, but they are also robust and can take a beating. We know that our remote controls get thrown around, dropped, run over, get wet – and that is all fine, we had it in mind when designing them. They are meant to be used.

About Tele Radio UK

Tele Radio have had a subsidiary in the UK since 2002.  Tele Radio UK is currently based in Macclesfield, Cheshire and offers sales, service and technical support to the UK and Ireland market.  With a large stock of standard, quick turnaround products and a comprehensive after sales facility the company maintains an enviable position in the market.

In June 2020 the reigns were handed over to John Suero after former MD Chris Morrell retired from the business after 16 years, leaving behind a well-run, profitable, and well-respected business.

With John’s operational experience, following a career excelling in international growth and strategy, and with a passion for delivering excellent customer service, the company has been put in experienced hands to oversee the next phase of growth.

Following John’s arrival, and in-line with the ongoing success of the wider Tele Radio Group, Tele Radio UK are embarking on some ambitious, well thought-out growth plans.

About John Suero

Giovanni (John) Suero joined Tele Radio UK and Ireland in June 2020. John has been in the manufacturing industry for over 25 years, having worked in Injection Moulding, Tool Building, PCB and LCD assembly and several other sectors within the Automotive, Medical, and Industrial markets.

John has spent his career designing and manufacturing complex products globally and has a track record of delivering for customers. For the last three years he was based in San Jose, CA, and prior to that he spent time in Hungary, Italy, China, and Mexico. He brings a breadth of international operational experience with him in developing strategies for growth in both existing and new markets.

John values creating new and long-lasting relationships and friendships. He enjoys walking, history and watching American football. He has been married for almost 30 years and has two sons.

Recent staff additions

Joining John on this venture are an experienced group of recent key appointments to support the growth of the business.

Mike Healy – Sales Manager.  Mike joined the company in October 2020.  With a background spanning 20 years in RF technology, radar, industrial electronics, and industrial controls he has brought a useful amount of market knowledge to the team.

Rick Steen – Technical Sales Engineer-Scotland and Ireland.  Rick joined the company in February 2021 following many successful years in NDT and the offshore services industry.  Being both an engineer, and a Scotsman by trade, Rick has taken responsibility for increasing the customer service and support to our Scottish and Irish customer base.

Adam Carvil – Procurement Manager.  Adam is the most recent addition to the Tele Radio UK team, having just joined the company in October 2021.  He brings with him over a decade of procurement experience in manufacturing and electronics.

Matthew Pigott – Technical Sales Engineer-UK South. Matthew joined the company in December 2021 and has taken over the day-to-day sales activities for the South of England and South Wales. Matthew holds a master’s in mechanical engineering from the University of Southampton and is experienced in projects involving robotic systems and programming.

Key markets

Radio control of agricultural machinery helps to increase productivity and contributes to high-quality yields. Field work becomes more ergonomic and comfortable, and the user has a better view of the machinery. Remote control also allows you to protect yourself from adverse weather conditions without losing range. Our products allow safe control of machinery such as balers, combine harvesters, seeders, spreaders, or sprayers. Tele Radio products will also work well in greenhouses, orchards, and gardens by reducing or eliminating operator exposure to harmful substances during operation, saving time and costs, and contributing to environmental protection through more efficient use of machines, regardless of the size of the farm.

Why remote control

A wireless remote control is a safety and convenience-centric system for controlling a piece of machinery.  It places the operator exactly where they need to be instead of the natural constraints of a control panel or wired control.  A wireless control is also not in the operator’s way like a cable bound system would be.  The cable is both impending for the work and a safety hazard, a trip hazard and susceptible to damage.

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