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11-12 June 2024

Bygrave Woods

Newnham Farm

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20 May 2022

Bale covers prove increasingly popular


Around 20% of the Hay Caps North Yorkshire farmer David Sowray sells are repeat business, from farmers choosing to store more bales outdoors, freeing up valuable buildings for other uses, such as diversification projects. Some farmers are buying 500+ Hay Caps and customer feedback is unanimously positive, David says.

They are made from durable 3mm recycled polythene plastic that is expected to last 50–60 years and are now manufactured in the UK.

David discovered the product during a 2012 trip to Australia and describes it as a ‘eureka moment in helping to overcome difficulties with bale storage on his own farm. The large tarpaulins he used often suffered water ponding and holes, resulting in rotten patches in the stack. There were also health and safety issues with removing them, especially in adverse conditions.

For a time, he left bales uncovered which meant sacrificing the top and most of the second bale and made them very top-heavy and unstable due to water weight. Every inch of rain that falls on an 8ft x 4ft bale equates to 75 litres of water. Average rainfall in North Yorkshire is 27in/year so he could very quickly end up with two tonnes of water in the top bale.

Hay Caps can also be applied from the ground, avoiding injuries from falling from stacks.

For more information, contact Hay & Straw Caps.

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