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11-12 June 2025 

Roy Ward Farms, Heath Farm

Leadenham Lincs

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07 May 2024


Lazer Lamps, typically known for its roots in the high-octane world of motorsport lighting and forward facing driving lights, has been expanding its presence into developing solutions for various industrial sectors, including construction, agriculture, mining, and forestry. We have made significant inroads in agricultural circles in particular, with the focus being on exhibiting at trade shows and engaging with the farming community. We have delved deep into understanding the specific challenges farmers face, which has been crucial in tailoring our Lazer work light solutions to meet the unique needs of the agricultural sector. Through these initiatives, we are able to bring our expertise in high-performance lighting into sectors that are vital to economies across the world, providing work light solutions that both drive efficiency and enhance safety.

As a British brand, we design, engineer, and manufacture all our lighting solutions in-house, giving us unmatched control over our production processes. This autonomy not only ensures the highest level of build quality, surpassing that of many competitors, but also enables us to adapt and tailor our products to meet specific customer needs, which has been vital in creating solutions for agriculture and other industrial sectors. All of our products undergo rigorous in-house testing, including Thermal Cycling, Salt Spray, Solar Load, and Mechanical Testing, ensuring exceptional durability. Our testing enables our Utility lights to withstand the pressure of both intense heat and sub-zero conditions, making them a viable option for farmers worldwide. The Utility Series lights feature advanced electronic thermal management, CAE optimised heatsinks, and unbreakable polycarbonate lenses with hard coating, enhancing their structural robustness and suitability for the harshest environments and toughest working conditions. Additionally, they include upgraded die-cast mounting brackets, repositioned and concealed gore tex breather membranes, and specially arranged LEDs/optics. All lights in the series are ECE worklight approved, EMC protected - CISPR-25 (Class3/5), and have an IP69K enhanced water resistance rating. 


With the often hostile and challenging weather conditions presented by agriculture and farming, combined with the need to often be out working before the sun rises till after it sets, we recognise our work light offering needed to be completely robust, whilst not compromising on light performance. The recently launched Utility-80 HD exemplifies this, it is specifically designed to withstand the toughest environments in the world, whilst the perfect light output for working or operating machinery at night is achieved through a combination of features. By boosting light intensity with more powerful LEDs and distributing this enhanced illumination over a wider area through our ultra-reflective, vacuum-metallised optics, we ensure our work lights provide comprehensive coverage. Furthermore their colour temperature is set to 5000K which is as close to natural daylight as possible. This maximises the definition of objects and hazards ahead, whilst simultaneously reducing the fatigue that often accompanies exposure to higher colour temperatures.

The Utility series offers a choice of different lights with varied power ratings of 25W, 45W, and 80W, meaning there's a solution to suit almost any farming application, from tractors to any kind of agricultural machinery. The development of the Utility series and our growth into the agriculture sector marks a new chapter that aligns with our heritage of British engineering and manufacturing—a cornerstone of our identity and a source of immense pride. 

It is important to note, another key aspect that ‘Made in the UK’ symbolises for us is our commitment to environmental stewardship. We are actively reducing the negative impacts of our business operations on the planet. Sustainability is integral to our operations as we strive to achieve our ambitious goal of reaching 'carbon-zero' status by 2025. We are advancing towards this target through our in-house manufacturing and by minimising the travel distance of component parts to our facilities.

We know how important it is to get our products on tractors, farming equipment and in farmers' hands. A key aspect of our strategy going forward is the constant consideration of the 'farmer factor' - the understanding that for a product to truly succeed in the agricultural market, it must earn the approval of farmers themselves. With this in mind, we collaborated with the farmers' forum and TWB Farms to fit our Utility series to their tractors and machinery at the start of the last harvest, replacing their existing halogens. 

They found Lazer bought them more time, with full visibility at night, meaning just because the sun goes down, the work does not need to stop. Our lights were able to perform regardless of any challenging conditions the infamously unstable British weather could throw at them, providing a market leading level of durability & reliability. Furthermore, with easy mounting and integration solutions, our lights were able to fill in all the blank spots around the vehicle that the original halogen lighting could not.

“It’s like daylight, absolutely reliable and the operators love them”

This kind of collaboration and feedback is invaluable, we look forward to many more projects like this to come and to see the tangible impact of our lighting solutions. We recognise and understand the high stakes at play for farmers, with every variable having a potential impact on livelihoods there is no room for error, or inefficiency. We are dedicated to providing a compelling value proposition for the Agricultural industry and improving farmers efficiency by delivering reliable, high-performance lighting solutions that extend working hours to enhance farm productivity and also crucially provide more safety for operators. 

By marrying our innovative LED technology with a deep understanding of agricultural demands, engaging directly with the community, and placing a premium on real-world testing and feedback, we're not just designing lights; we're proud to be illuminating the path to a more productive, safe, and efficient future in British farming.

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