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Focus on Foliar with Efficie-N-t 28

AGRO-VITAL UK Stand: 956

After a wet autumn and what seemed like a never ending winter the soil has gone from saturated to parched almost over night. As a dry spring continues the argument for foliar N is only getting stronger. With most crops seeing good growth recently and the dry weather set to stay the question should be why use granular Ammonium Nitrate (AN) over a foliar? Extensive trials carried out have repeatedly shown replacing 40kgs of AN with 7kgs (20 litres) of Foliar not only reduces total N application but does so while increasing quantity and quality as well as reducing costs. 

Efficie-N-t 28 foliar Nitrogen fertiliser (28-0-0) can be targeted directly onto the leaf and has an almost 100% uptake. The long chain urea polymers break down slowly to release Nitrogen as Amide (NH2). Amide is converted to protein much more effectively than nitrate so requires less energy from the plant.

By the time AN volatilises , leaches and is converted from NO3 into something the plant can actually use there’s not much left. Not to mention the increase risk of lodging and diseases from using AN compared to a plant friendly Nitrogen source that has natural sticker and anti drift properties. This is why 7kgs of N replaces 40kgs time and time again.

Efficie-N-t 28 has the largest percentage of long chain urea polymers (22%) on the market, meaning, it has the lowest chance of scorch. Combine this with the ability to tank mix Efficie-N-t 28 with most fungicides sprays you are also reducing passes through the crop. 

To find out how exactly how you can improve your bottom line by using Efficie-N-t 28 please contact us today or visit our website www.agro-vital.co.uk for an up to date compatibility list and more trial results.

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