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Front mounted

Front mounted
All new 1000L front mounted

British sprayer manufacturer Team Sprayers range of rotationally moulded plastic front mounted tanks are designed to increase spraying capacity and therefore, productivity.  Available in a range of sizes from 600L to 1500L, the units are quick and easy to mount and demount from the tractor and are fitted with quick release couplings on all liquid and hydraulic hoses. In cab controls allow fast transfer of liquid to the rear tank during the spraying operation.  

Team's Managing Director Danny Hubbard said: "We have definitely seen an increase in demand for front mounted tanks alongside our rear mounted sprayers, the 'Arian2' and 'Sigma', both overseas and in the UK. Farmers are using a spare tractor and linking up a rear mounted sprayer and a front mounted tank and leaving them on for the whole season.  A 1500L front mounted tank used in conjunction with our largest sprayer; the 'Arian 2' gives farmers as much as 3,300L capacity on a tractor mounted sprayer. GPS is available on all our sprayers, so the overall performance rivals a self propelled sprayer, yet at a quarter of the cost."

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