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11-12 June 2025 

Roy Ward Farms

Leadenham Lincs

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Griffith Elder’s Weighbus Law Enforcement Software


Weighbus Law Enforcement Software

Our Weighbus Law Enforcement software is multi-lingual with regional formatting, simple operation and detailed reporting.

Guarantee demanded data is recorded with axle and gross vehicle weights, as well as auto overload recognition. Within our law enforcement software, users can fine overloaded vehicles with instant calculations using local configurations.

When a vehicle is overloaded, the vehicle tickets produced must be resolved, and vehicles are directed not to leave within the traffic light system. Tickets instantly include actual weighing data and calculate fines at the time of weighing.

Automate, export and integrate detailed reports to third-party software. Automatically export CSV files, camera images and ticket HTML files for each closed record when needed. Send these directly to the relevant management or teams.

Overload Protection for commercial business and Industrial applications are also available with our Weighbus software.

Single Axle Weighbridge

Our Law Enforcement software works in conjunction with our Single Axle Weighbridges, an accurate weighing system designed to weigh individual axles of any size vehicle.

Dynamic Weigh in Motion (WIM) is a key feature of the Single Axle, allowing for ease of use and accuracy of weights. Therefore, this is an ideal choice for law enforcement, with overweight axles automatically detected.

We have been manufacturing Single Axle Weighbridges for 40+ years, and software for 25+ years. Additionally, we provide close guidance and site surveys, ensuring we offer the most suitable solution.

Continuous development has provided installation benefits, making it easier to install to the required standard.

Step by step plans, example installations and full support to the customers’ chosen contractor are always provided. Full turn-key installation options are also available.

Our experienced engineers provide smooth installation, testing, training and handover. We provide clients with a full maintenance schedule, and options of maintenance contracts. We also take pride in passing on our knowledge to enable customers and local engineers to self-maintain with our dedicated support.

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