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Knight Lights

Knight Lights

Knight Farm Machinery is offering boom lighting to all its sprayers to enable users to continue spraying in low light conditions or at night, and so make best use of available spraying windows.

The system – which can be supplied as original equipment or retro-fitted – shines a blue light through the spray pattern, and enables operators to monitor that all nozzles are performing efficiently at all times:

“Many operators comment on the fact that spraying conditions are often at their best towards the end of the working day and into the early evening, when the wind often drops”, says David Main, Knight’s Marketing Manager.

“This system will enable them to make best use of those working windows, while ensuring they retain excellent vision of the entire boom width and can ensure they are doing the best job possible”.

The new system uses powerful BlueBeam LED spot lights with 2700 effective lumen to provide operators with full visibility or the spray pattern along the entire length of the boom.

The lights are enabled when the tractor lights are illuminated and activated via a switch on the in-cab screen.

For sprayers up to 24m wide two lights are fitted to the machine’s back-frame, each illuminating one wing section. For wider booms a second light is fitted half way along the boom to illuminate the outer section.

The cost of these fitted to a sprayer will be around £353 (two lights) and £706 (four lights).

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