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11-12 June 2024

Bygrave Woods

Newnham Farm

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21 Jun 2021

Low disturbance subsoiler for front or rear mounting and option to attach other implements

Low disturbance legs with auto reset steering legs, front AND rear mounting (Picture shows grassland version)
Low disturbance ground restoration infront or behind tractor

The new Arable Restorer from Ryetec offers low disurbance sub soiling to releave compaction and ground damage just prior to drilling with a machine which can be front mounted or rear mounted to suit different conditions, drilling techniques and cutivation operations. The Arable Restorers front and rear linkages allow for great adapability depending on the year, weather and ground conditions. Mount it on the front linkage in combination with rear mounted power harrow drill combinations for example or rear mounted, with optional towbars to operate with rear mounted drills or in combination with other cultivation equipment. The standard "steering" legs reduce stress to the main frame and legs and allow the machine to follow headland contours aswell as being suitable for tracker tractors, it is also essetial for front mounting. The Hydraulic auto reset system makes for troble free use in stony conditions and also allows legs to be taken out of work to suit differnt sized tractors or applications. 

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