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28 Apr 2021


Mastenbroek is to return to Cereals this year
The UK's leading designer and manufacturer of agricultural drainage trenchers is returning to Cereals this year after a three-year absence.

The UK's leading designer and manufacturer of agricultural drainage trenchers is returning to Cereals this year after a three-year absence.

Mastenbroek has announced it will be exhibiting as part of the National Association of Agricultural Contractors (NAAC) Drainage Area at Cereals in June.

The company's return to the event will give visitors an opportunity to find out about the latest technology that can be used to transform field drainage and improve crop yields.

Mastenbroek manufactured its first drainage trencher in 1977. Since then, the company has grown into a globally respected name in trenching and machine automation through its partnership with Trimble®.

Mastenbroek and Trimble have worked in partnership since 2010, when they developed a GPS system for drainage trenchers. Today, all Mastenbroek trenchers are factory-ready for Trimble GPS machine control.

Based on the Trimble® WM-Drain® farm drainage solution, the system offers several benefits compared to laser surveying, including much quicker and more accurate field surveying, reduced drainage installation costs due to more accurate deployment of gravel fill. An on-board computerised touch-screen display records every detail of the job, which can be easily downloaded for analysis and customer billing.

"We are very much looking forward to returning to Cereals later this year and giving visitors the chance to see how combining a Mastenbroek trencher with Trimble WM-Drain can make a significant difference to how agricultural land drains," says Christopher Pett, general manager at Mastenbroek. “Since we last exhibited at Cereals, we have seen three very wet autumns and winters, with many farmers struggling to cope with the amount of rainfall we’ve endured. Flooding and ponding have shown the importance of having excellent drainage in place, and we feel that there is renewed interest in land forming and drainage plans, so when the NAAC invited us to be part of the drainage area, it was an easy decision.”

As part of the NAAC Drainage Area, Mastenbroek will demonstrate how Trimble WM-Drain software can interact with precision farming data to survey and design sub-surface and surface drainage, together with the machinery to install it.

For more information about Mastenbroek, visit either or find them on Stand 1106 at Cereals.

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