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30 May 2019

AMAZONE show new compact disc harrows for mixing in large volumes of organic matter at high work rates

AMAZONE Stand: 748
AMAZONE show new compact disc harrows for mixing in large volumes of organic matter at high work rates
Optional leading tools, such as the straw harrow, make the new CatrosXL flexible in its use.

The new CatrosXL compact disc harrow, in working widths from 4 m to 8 m will make its debut at Cereals-LIVE.  Available as a folding three-point linkage model in 4 m, 5 m and 6 m working widths, which, when optionally equipped with a drawbar and bogey chassis as the trailed TS variant, can then also be used on smaller tractors. In addition, the CatrosXL with TX central running gear is available in working widths of 7 and 8 m. With high working speeds of up to 18 km/h, these new models ensure maximum area coverage whilst achieving perfect results and yet minimal fuel consumption.

Disc system built for the task
The CatrosXL features a bigger diameter 610 mm disc that can be coarse or fine serrated. The aggressive impact angle means the optimum soil movement as well as the perfect mix. The oil-immersed bearings are lubricated for life and have increased dimensions to stand the extra load. For perfect contour following and precise working depth, the discs are individually mounted on rubber sprung buffer blocks which also offer stone safety protection. The specially moulded, cast disc arm has been redesigned to meet the increased loads and guides the disc at a consistent depth through the soil under all conditions. On the larger working widths, the 7 m and 8m machines can also be optionally equipped with ContourFrame, a feature unique on the market. The two wings of the disc harrow unit are hydraulically preloaded and can therefore adapt upwards and downwards to optimally follow any unevenness in the ground.

Optimised depth control
Adjustment of the working depth is infinitely variable and can be carried out mechanically down on the machine using turnbuckles or hydraulically from the cab during operation for maximum comfort. The link between the two rows of discs ensures that both rows always work at the same depth. The entire machine always remains parallel to the ground, and there is no risk of the machine being knocked off-kilter by changes in working depth. In addition, when the working depth increases, so does the distance between the disc element and the roller, so that sufficient clearance is available in front of the roller for the soil to settle again. All the pivot points on the disc element are maintenance-free. The height of the side discs of the machines can be adjusted separately, which ensures a level working profile even on the joint between bouts.

Leading front tool options
Up front, a choice of systems can be specified such as the knife roller which can be used to crush cover crops ahead of the discs, a straw harrow to help distribute the chaff, volunteers and straw left behind the combine before the cultivating as well as a Crushboard for working after the plough.

Wide choice of consolidation rollers
For optimum reconsolidation and maximising volunteer germination following the CatrosXL, there is a choice of 11 different packer rollers that include soil-on-soil or disc rollers as well as the strip-wise consolidation potential of the wedge ring roller.

For cover crop establishment, the CatrosXL can also be equipped with the ISOBUS GreenDrill 501 small seed applicator.

The three model line fits in between the Catros+ and the Certos with their 510 mm and 660 mm diameter discs respectively.


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