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14 Apr 2023

New flagship model in New Holland T7 Long Wheelbase range delivers ultimate performance density

New Holland T7 .300 PLM Intelligence Tractor

New flagship model in New Holland T7 Long Wheelbase range delivers ultimate performance density

 ·       The new T7.300 Long Wheelbase with PLM IntelligenceÔ  is the most powerful and compact tractor in its power bracket with 300 hp for PTO and haulage jobs, while maintaining the wheelbase and dimensions of the current T7 range, delivering ultimate performance density.

  • The T7.300 Long Wheelbase offers superior operator comfort with the HorizonÔ Ultra cab, the quietest on the market and with the new active cab suspension.
  • A raft of new features and tractor-implement automation further raise the tractor’s productivity, efficiency, and uptime.


Modena, November 6th, 2022


New Holland extends its T7 Long Wheelbase range with a new flagship model that delivers more power and best-in-class power-to-weight ratio while maintaining the dimensions and manoeuvrability of the other models. This performance comes with the superior operator environment of the HorizonÔ Ultra cab and a host of intelligent innovations and features that maximise the tractor’s efficiency, productivity and uptime. The new T7.300 will be officially launched to the public in November at the SIMA 2022 exhibition in Paris.


Oscar Baroncelli , Head of Tractors New Holland, said: “Our customers told us they wanted a tractor with more power without the downside of bigger frames and more weight, and they didn’t want to sacrifice manoeuvrability. We took up their challenge and developed the new T7.300 Long Wheelbase: it delivers greater engine power with larger tyres, with no increase at all in overall dimension – it’s the Ultimate Performance Density.”

Ultimate performance density: more power, larger tyres, same dimensions

The new T7.300 features an FPT Industrial NEF 6 engine that has been enhanced with a raft of features and improvements. It delivers 280 hp maximum power for draft work and 300 hp for PTO and haulage tasks. The new Electronically Variable Geometry Turbo ensures high torque and fuel efficiency at low rpms. The tractor meets Stage V emissions standards with a High e-SCR only after-treatment system that optimizes power, responsiveness, and fuel economy.  Customers will be able to spend more time in the fields, with an 18% increase in fuel capacity, and minimise their operational costs with a service interval that’s 50% longer than some competitors. The new model features an upgraded version of New Holland’s popular Auto CommandÔ transmission, the best-in-class driveline for tractive effort, which further adds to the tractor’s exceptional efficiency.


New Holland has also extended the tractor’s overall capabilities with increased axle capacities and a higher Gross Vehicle Weight. 2.05m tall tyres increase traction and performance while respecting the soil, and all of this while maintaining the same overall dimensions of the existing T7 models, delivering on the Ultimate Performance Density claim.


Smart innovation: more processing power, connectivity and efficiency

The new T7.300 caters for the customers’ need for more processing power, greater implement connectivity and automation, as well as in-cab convenience.  They will benefit from New Holland’s best intelligent farming innovations: the efficiency-boosting PLM IntelligenceÔ and IntelliViewÔ 12 monitor, and the SideWinderÔ Ultra fully adjustable armrest for ergonomic intuitive operation. Tractor Implement Management connects the tractor to implements with ease, ensuring communication to and from the implement.


The new model also features award-winning smart innovations in tractor-implement automation, which will deliver tangible benefits for customers: the Integrated Large Square Baler Control that optimises interaction between the tractor and baler, anticipating the crop compression results in a 15% reduction in cab movement, a more consistent PTO speed, and a 12% reduction in fuel consumption through the baling cycle. The unique CentreViewÔ places the display directly in front of the driver while the award-winning Intelligent Trailer Brake delivers stability in conditions that call for it.


Outstanding comfort and ergonomics in the quietest cab on the market

The new T7.300 offers the superior comfort of the HorizonÔ Ultra cab, the quietest on the market with 66 dBA. It also features a new Comfort RideÔ suspension, the active electro-hydraulic system ‘decouples’ the cab movement from the chassis with a “skyhook” control logic to deliver a supremely smooth ride.


The T7 Long Wheelbase range has a well-earned reputation for hydraulic performance, and the T7.300 is no exception. New features include decouple-under-pressure high flow electro-hydraulic remotes that have fully configurable controls, and a new hydraulic circuit with an optimised design that reduces connections by 30% and features remote test ports for fast fault finding. Customers will manage heavy implements with confidence with the new self-centring hydraulic stabilisers with adjustable lock point. The customisable advanced joystick controls up to 6 remote valves, providing excellent operator ergonomics.


PLM Intelligence and proactive support for maximum efficiency and uptime

The new T7.300 benefits from New Holland’s advanced PLM Intelligence solutions that integrate digital technologies to deliver a smart and connected agriculture, enabling customers to maximise the machine’s productivity while optimising yield and input costs.


PLM Intelligence allows all best-in-class field applications such as IntelliSteerÔ 1.5cm accuracy autosteering, IntelliTurnÔ and headland sequences management and ISOBUS compatibilities for Section Control and VRA, to increase productivity, reduce costs and increase comfort.


The new T7 is the first range at New Holland to receive ISO certification for Tractor Implement Management (TIM), the industry’s latest communication protocol.

TIM , allows a two-way communication link between the tractor and implement and for the implement to control the tractor.


PLM with Intelligence products are also connected to the farmer and the dealer through MYPLM Connect, providing real-time information from the field. The dealer can deliver proactive support with remote diagnostics and view the operator’s display in the cab via screen sharing to provide advice.


Connected farming packages help simplify customer business operations. Farmers can prepare field activities from their office and send data remotely  to the fleet, and a new IntelliFieldÔ feature allows up to 6 machines working in the same field to share information in real time so that each driver has the  complete view of the ongoing work in the field on the tractor’s IntelliViewÔ display.

All the fleet is monitored at control room and skilled technicians are able to provide remote support as necessary, sending corrective action alerts and allowing  dealers to prepare assistance.

Such a large number of benefits are brought to the new T7. Long Wheelbase to increase productivity and maximize the tractor’s uptime.


Sean Lennon, New Holland Vice President of Sales said: “We are expanding our machinery lines to serve cash-crop segment. It’s an area where New Holland historically has a strong tradition and a segment where we have had important results in the past years. This new addition is developed following what we have already done in the T7 range, upgraded according to the needs and desires of crash crop farmers and contractors. It’s a step forward to gain an even more prominent position in this specific segment”.






New Holland Agriculture's reputation is built on the success of our customers, cash crop producers, livestock farmers, contractors, vineyards, or groundscare professionals. They can count on the widest offering of innovative products and services: a full line of equipment, from tractors to harvesting, material handling equipment, complemented by tailored financial services from a specialist in agriculture.  A highly professional global dealer network and New Holland’s commitment to excellence guarantees the ultimate customer experience for every customer. For more information on New Holland visit


New Holland Agriculture is a brand of CNH Industrial N.V. (NYSE: CNHI /MI: CNHI) a global leader in the capital goods sector with established industrial experience, a wide range of products and a worldwide presence. More information about CNH Industrial can be found online at




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