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01 Jun 2020

New Wheat and Barley varieties plus an introduction to SPP

KWS UK LTD Stand: 406
In the absence of Cereals 2020, KWS will be using the summer period to preview its new SPP (Sowing for Peak Performance) breeding initiative and launch a new high yielding hard Group 4 winter wheat and an exceptional 2-row winter barley.

“Our SPP initiative aligns KWS breeding objectives firmly with the future needs of growers whether, for example, these come from ongoing agrochemical revocation, the need to reduce carbon footprint or to improve soil structure.

“It’s still about focusing on high yields and quality plus the fundamental role of variety choice in delivering these in individual situations, but SPP also puts the emphasis on building in other characteristics that can help growers meet the challenges of the future more easily.”

KWS Cranium is good example of SPP in action with some important characteristics being introduced alongside outright yield, she says.

“A hard Group 4 wheat mainstream-sower with an upright plant habit like its parent KWS Crispin but shorter and stiffer, KWS Cranium gets away early in the spring allowing it to outcompete blackgrass effectively or create a good plant stand when direct drilled.

“It’s got a good overall disease including resistance to OWBM and is a later maturing type (+2) capable of spreading the workload at harvest with a reliable grain package and good HFN (225) plus a specific weight (75.6kg/hl).”

The company’s new 2-row barley KWS Tardis also follows SPP principles with an outstanding yield allied to an excellent disease package, she explains.

“KWS Tardis outperforms all commercial 2-row types and yields ahead or on par with many 6-row hybrid winter barleys currently marketed.

“The variety performs especially well in the East where, it was the highest yielding winter barley in harvest 2019 trials. It’s got an excellent score for Rhynchosporium and Net blotch as well as a short and stiff straw.”

KWS Tardis and Cranium sit alongside KWS’s existing portfolio of high performers, Kirsty Richards points out.

“On the wheat front, stand-out varieties include the Group 2 Extase with its exceptional 10.6t/ha untreated yield in the 2020/21 RL, the top yielding Group 3 Firefly with the RL’s best standing power score and the great overall performer KWS Parkin.

“High profile barley varieties KWS Orwell, Hawking and Gimlet are also getting a lot of interest from growers and trade alike.

“Whilst we’ll all miss Cereals 2020, we’ve got a full range of online plot tours, variety introductions and technical information to keep all those interested in KWS fully up to speed.”

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