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Premium Proven: Used machinery with quality guaranteed

AGRIFAC UK Stand: 823
Premium Proven: Used machinery with quality guaranteed

As well as the brand new Sprayers straight from the factory in the Netherlands, Agrifac UK also have their own used machinery process in place as an alternative option for customers.

Differing from other brands, their ‘Premium Proven’ machines are machines that have been traded in against a new model, which have then been restored back to factory-quality, and to our customers’ exact requirements, before then being sold.

At Agrifac, we believe that all of our machines are Premium products, and our used machinery should be no different. A Premium Proven machine isn’t just a used machine, it has the guarantee of a brand new product with the exact same service and after-sales back-up.

Buying an Agrifac machine from the Premium Proven program is buying more than just a machine. Agrifac Premium Proven is a total package, developed to offer customers the highest quality and security.

Premium Proven Process

- Machine arrives from farm for a thorough steam clean inside and out which can take up to 3 days

- Detailed inspection takes place by a product specialist. All faults are noted including what needs repairing or replacing on the machine

- The machine is then taken into the workshop and completely dismantled right down to the chassis, with the tank, wheels and boom all coming off

- Boom and other parts are sent away for shot-blasting and respraying with powder paint

- Engine is run up and checked for performance, leaks or other potential problems. With just 5,000 hours or less on the clock, it’s unlikely to require any serious repairs, but it is given a full service as standard

- The spray pack, operator filling station and induction system plus all pipework and controls are cleaned and tested for any leaks or damage. These are fully dismantled and in some cases, parts will be replaced

- Booms are checked over for any obvious damage or on-farm repairs which need to be seen to. Pivot points are also inspected with their bushes and pins replaced

- Any other changes are also made to suit the new buyers’ individual requirements, including many different boom options. Customers can specify any boom width on their Premium Proven machine from Agrifac’s range - from 24m to 51m

- Plumbing pipework, hoses, connection and valves are inspected

- Solenoids that operate hydraulic valves for the steering, boom lift and fold, plus many other essential functions are all inspected

- Wiring and connections are cleaned, checked and replaced where needed

- Chassis is completely overhauled and fitted with new parts as well as resprayed. Transmission hoses and seals are all checked, oil analysed for any impurities that could lead to future issues, and the filters also changed

- Airbag rubber is checked for signs of perishing or damage, and attachment and pivot points are also inspected

- Any worn or damaged seats in the cab are replaced, along with any other cosmetic cladding

- All machines are also equipped with the latest screens, and updates are carried out to ensure the latest software is installed for the user

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