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11-12 June 2024

Bygrave Woods

Newnham SG7 5JX

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14 Jun 2021

Puma Seedbed Cultivation

Andrew Snell
4 to 6 meter options with trailed and mounted versions

Puma Seed bed cultivator is designed to work with light and heavy soils. PFC have been operating the 5-meter trailed version in heavy clay and lighter loam soils after ploughing and produced an instant seedbed followed by a 4-meter tine drill. For the ploughing operation PFC have tried several different options and compared it to the competition and left them all behind. With an average weight 25% heavier than the competition build quality is second to none and this has the added advantage of making sure the machine stays in work at a consistent depth. The steel ring packer is hugely more efficient compared to a cage roller in consolidation and breaking of any large lumps that have not broken with the 12mm heavy duty vertical tine. The front cage roller in combination with the rear packer controls the depth while providing an initial break of the soil. The front levelling bar is toothed to also increase the performance of the machine. For the plough-based operations there is simply no other option to consider compared to the Puma. Zero compromise in efficiency, cost and performance.

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