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11-12 June 2024

Bygrave Woods

Newnham Farm

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21 Jun 2021

Quickly add or remove front ballast weight with Ryetec's Tractor Front Weight & Storage Boxes

Extra storage and ballast weight minimizes downtime with storage space for spare parts, specialist tools and work bench & vice options

Ryetecs front mounted storage and weightboxes can now be fitted with underslung "Bellyweights" which allow operators to add extra counterbalance weight when operations require, but can quickly and easily be removed when the extra weight is no longer neccesary, reducing wear and tear on tractor axles and compaction. These extrnally mounted weights can be easily added or removed by the driver using the tractors front linkage and a clever mounting system with a series of conical locating pins and hooks to marry the weight to the storage (Work or WeightBox), leaving the driver with a large storage capacity for tools, spare parts and even extra fuel tanks and workshop equipment at all times to minimise down time in the field.
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