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11-12 June 2024

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07 May 2021

Spaldings to focus on cost-effective soil engaging parts for cultivators and subsoilers at Cereals Event

The Spaldings FlatLift – the original low-disturbance soil loosener – will be at the centre of a showcase highlighting different SPL Ultra and Tillso Sabre soil engaging parts solutions for cultivators and subsoilers.

An expanded range of SPL Ultra points, wings and shins will be the focus of the Spaldings stand at this year’s Cereals Event (June 30/July 1, Boothby Graffoe) as the Lincs-based company showcases its expertise in creating cost-effective replacement parts for cultivators, subsoilers and seed drills.


Spaldings celebrates 65 years in business this year as the original and largest aftermarket spare parts supplier.


“We’re very well known for the workshop tools, consumables, general parts and other products we supply throughout the UK and Ireland, and increasingly for our range of vegetation control and forestry machines,” said Steve Constable, Managing Director.


“But at the biggest arable event of the year, we want to focus attention on the various lines of replacement wearing parts we offer, engineered for performance as well as longevity with the strategic use of strong base materials and wear-resistant technologies such as Durafacing and tungsten tiles.”


A Spaldings FlatLift – the original low draft, low surface disturbance shallow subsoiler for grassland and arable soil restructuring – will be at the heart of the Cereals Event exhibit, kitted out with various examples of Spaldings wearing part solutions, including replacement shins, points and wings.


The latest addition to the Spaldings SPL Ultra range of premium soil-engaging parts is the R1360 Rear Subsoil Point for Keeble Progressive cultivator/subsoilers; this one-piece structure has 16mm thick, 127mm (5in) wide soil-lifting wings with tungsten tile leading edges behind a projecting point with tungsten tiles on the face and sides.


This newcomer complements the existing design with 76mm (3in) wings and follows on the heels of the claw-type chisel point and point/wing combinations introduced for Grange Machinery and TWB subsoilers, and Horsch Terrano cultivators, which extended the original portfolio of SPL Ultra parts for Horsch, Väderstad and Simba/Great Plains cultivators, and tine coulter points for Kuhn, Kverneland and KRM Sola seed drills.


The Spaldings exhibit at the Cereals Event will also emphasise the company’s distribution agreement for original Grimme parts and its exclusive role supplying Tillso subsoiler and cultivator parts, including the unique multi-component Sabre tine system designed for effective soil loosening and re-structuring.


The patented Sabre designs result from intensive studies of soil mechanics and enable growers to equip their heavy tine implements with the most appropriate configuration of points and wings for effective restructuring of compacted zones in different soil types at different depths.


Editor’s note: ‘SPL’ is a Registered Trademark of Spaldings Ltd.

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