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04 May 2020

The OnePay multilingual ‘My OnePay’ app for iOS and Android.

The OnePay multilingual ‘My OnePay’ app for iOS and Android.
'My OnePay' app

The OnePay multilingual ‘My OnePay’ app for iOS and Android.

OnePay are one of the UK’s leading providers of alternative payment solutions. We are dedicated to helping some of the UK’s leading recruitment agencies, seasonal agricultural farms and employers find a quick, reliable, and secure method of paying wages to their workers. Our clients and cardholders are at the heart of what we do, that is why when our cardholders told us that they wanted to manage their money on the go, we developed the multilingual ‘My OnePay’ app.

Banking is becoming an increasingly technology savvy industry largely due to mobile technologies. With the addition of the ‘My OnePay’ app it illustrates OnePay’s initiative in developing a solution for cardholders to manage their money at the touch of a button for convenience, security, and ease of access.

The ‘My OnePay’ app allows customers to:

Keep track of loads and transactions
Cardholders can check on payments they have received or made any time of the day by taking a look at the statement screen.

View transactions for the day, month, or year*
The transaction history will show key information such as the date, type, and amount of each transaction. *Primary customers can only view ​their last 90 days’ worth of transactions and must become ​a Select ​customer to view ​over this.

Stay in control of how they spend their money
Staying in control of how much is being spent is easy, every time a cardholder logs in, they will see their available balance on the dashboard.

Lock and unlock their card in real time
If a cardholder misplaces their card, they can lock it, this will prevent any fraudulent activity. If the cardholder finds their card, they can the unlock it.

For more information about the ‘My OnePay’ app visit – www.onepay.co.uk

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